Thursday, April 14, 2011


After almost 6 full days of BB, I finally made it to CD1. I guess it's a good indicator that I need those hormones at the end of my cycle. :) This cycle was really weird. I only had 2 scant indications of CM, and when nothing else appeared, I didn't even think I ovulated. I ended up not charting and didn't take any of the hormones at the end. Soooo... it'll be Femara tomorrow to hopefully jump-start ovulation this cycle and then the estradiol and prometrium at the end. I really hope I get rid of this irritating BB. The strange thing is, my cycles were always pretty normal up until we started working on my (in)fertility. I never had the tail-end BB until after I was married. One really good thing about the recent surgery is that my cramps are SOOOO much better. I used to always be on ad.vil for several days as soon as my cycle started. Now, they're very mild, and I haven't even taken anything today. Yay! :)


  1. I noticed I had more BB after surgery than usual for some reason..this was true of each surgery. Might be related to that? But hooray for no meds and mild cramps! :)

  2. :) Good luck with the Femara! I'm so glad to hear your cramps are mild! :) :)

  3. I hope your next cycle continues to improve. Progress is great!


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