Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Several wonderful bloggers have posted lately about nutrition, and they are all excellent. :) Hopefully later this week I'll get my thoughts organized to post some of my own thoughts, but in the meantime, I thought I'd start by writing about what really got me into viewing food in an entirely different manner.


I LOVE it. :)

I've always been someone who likes working out. Not the sweating part of it, haha, but the feeling of accomplishment, the energy and the feeling that I've burned off those ice cream calories! :) I did some swimming during the summers in middle school, and then I ended up studying Tae K.won Do for many years. TKD was definitely my favorite - lots of variety and fun to boot. [In case you are wondering, I earned my second degree black belt. :)] I haven't been to a class since moving from my hometown, but if we ever move back to that area, I definitely want to pick it up again. I've also worked with personal trainers and belonged to a gym, like many others who are looking to get fit, or to stay in shape. Since getting married, though, I've been working out at home.

About a year and a half ago, DH came home from work talking about Cross.Fit, a core strength and conditioning program. One of his colleagues, it turned out, is a certified Cross.Fit trainer. DH began looking at the CF website and finally decided to try one of the daily workouts that are posted on the site. After just one, I could tell he was hooked. Already we had essentially turned our garage into the workout room (my dream of a car parked in there long gone), and we had some modest equipment: a stationary bike, an elliptical, some weights and benches. He would often go down to his man cave the garage after work to get in a nice workout, normally lasting about 45 minutes. His first CF workout lasted half as long... and I'd never seen him look so exhausted. This from a life-long soccer player and exercise and sports enthusiast. After a few weeks, I was intrigued too. He didn't spend as much time working out, but the quality of each workout was far superior to anything both of us had been doing. And so I began...

So why do I like it? First and probably foremost - I'm not bored. Day after day of the same workouts in the gym or running on a track and I'm literally ready to throw in the towel. I want variety! CF definitely has that. I've learned all about cleans, jerks, snatches and burpies. Some of the main highlights are Olympic weightlifting and gymnastics. For Christmas DH received a pair of olympic gymnastic rings, now hanging from our pull-up rack in the garage. I have a new appreciation for those olympic gymnasts!!Second - I want to be challenged and  see results. [I'm a classic "pear" and certainly parts of me have never been in better shape, haha. :)] I believe it's due to the compound and functional movements plus high intensity at the heart of CF. And I do a lot tons ridiculous amounts of squats. Read more about this here. I never saw results like this with isolation movements at the gym.

The workouts are sometimes insane, but fortunately can be scaled to my current level. Starting out, I use light weights until I can do the exercise well with proper form. I also like that some of the workouts are really short. For example "in 5 minutes, do as many rounds as you can of X, Y, and Z." Occasionally workouts are repeated and you can look to your previous time/weight to see growth.

If you're interested in reading more, I'd recommend the following articles:
Understanding Cross.Fit
What is Fitness?

If you get hooked like me, I'd love to hear about it! :)

ps: There is a website for expectant mothers - just goo.gle CF mom.

Friday, May 27, 2011

4 years married! :)

Yesterday DH and I celebrated our fourth anniversary - yay! Despite the pain of IF, they have been the best four years of my life. I am so blessed to be married to this wonderful man!!!

We're going out to dinner on Saturday to celebrate, but last night I made a delicious salmon dish that I mentioned in a previous post. It was a new recipe and can be found here. I made some alterations - I didn't have the agave nectar (and after some recent blog posts was hesitant to try this sugar "alternate" so I used pure maple syrup. Still a sugar... but... it was our anniversary. ;) I also did not use the capers. 1) I didn't have any on hand, haha. 2) I thought about adding green olives, but changed my mind while making it. It. was. fabulous. Definitely a nice presentation too - I used our china and served the salmon in soup bowls with the salsa on top. I'll have to keep it in mind when we have company. (Or when one of you want to come over for dinner!! :) ) For dessert.... seriously, the stuff is sinful... creme caramel. So delicious, and also so easy to make. I always have the ingredients on hand for that. It's from Coo.king Light but the recipe in my book is smaller than this one. If you want the one I used, let me know! I used 6 ramekins. And, I used extra strength vanilla from Pen.zey's rather than the vanilla bean.

I should have taken pictures... but everything was gobbled up quickly! :)

My parents are coming to visit for the weekend, and my sister is moving in with us for a month starting tonight. It will be a full - and fun - house this weekend. :)

Happy Memorial Day weekend, everyone!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Adrenal Fatigue

Is it the missing link? :)

I just received an email from Dr. S - 3 of my 4 levels were below normal and the 4th was at the low end of normal.  He recommended the following: Cortef 5 mg, 1 tablet in AM, 1 just before lunch, and one near bedtime. He also recommended 2 books (what would I do without Ama.zon?!) Adre.nal Fatigue: the 21st century stress syndrome and The Cor.tisol Connection: why stre.ss makes you fat and rui.ns your health. I have to admit, I just started laughing when I read the subtitle of the second book. (Don't hate me please) but I've always been little -at times scrawny- except when I had all that water weight after my last surgery. Uhhhh.... Dr. S... I still haven't gained back what I lost after the surgeries! Honestly though, what is there about IF that isn't stressful? Could it be the TTC for almost 4 years? (I know many of you have been waiting much longer.) The monthly blood work? Making sure I identify my peak day so I can take drugs accordingly and get lab work drawn? Doctor's appointments every 3-4 months? Multiple surgeries? Sarcasm and humor intended there. :)

Part of me shudders at the irony of it all - I had my colon removed because I was tired of being sick, going to doctors and taking heaps of meds. The adhesions caused by that surgery led me to all this and taking more heaps of meds. I could drop all of it, I know... but I guess I'm not ready to give up yet. Apparently there are more options of things to try.

Hugs and praying for you all...

Friday, May 20, 2011

7 Quick Takes

1) I have no idea where this month is going. :) So, so, so busy with recitals, competitions, preparations for recitals and competitions, a group class, playing for masses at church. Whew. June 7th is the day all of "that" will end. We're traveling to visit family after that for a week - Hubby is working out of town in the town where his parents & brother live. Yay! Looking forward to that!!!

2) Just made some blueberry scones using my GF flour... they're still kind of warm, and not quite as "crunchy" as I would like... so I might be out looking for another recipe. Mmmmm... scones and tea. :)

3) Speaking of recipes, I need some new ones. With so many fresh fruits and veggies available, I get itching to try new combinations. :) I spent some time this morning looking up clips from Gi.ada at Ho.me... I love her recipes!! I found some great ones for salmon, and some yummy breakfast treats. Can't wait to try them!

4) I need to finish cleaning my house. (And here I am blogging!)

5) Got some fabric to make some new pillows for our sofa in the living room. If I have time next week, I may try to get those done. I don't have a pattern for one of them, but I have an idea in my head... we'll see how it turns out! Jo.Ann's was having a good sale on home decorator fabric.

6) I have been obsessed with decorating blogs as of late. :-D I saw some really cute homemade cards on one site and ended up with several trips to Mi.chael's in the past 2 weeks to get supplies. (Of course, with coupons and sales.) I've been bad about mailing friends/family birthday cards lately... maybe this will jump-start things again. I love stationary, stickers, pretty paper, and I found this really great stuff called Japan.ese wash.i tape online. How cool is masking tape with beautiful patterns? (There are several ladies who sell it on Etsy - just do a search). :)

7) Friiiiiiiiiiiiiiday!!!! How I love Fridays!! I remembered (finally!) to defrost the homemade pizza dough for pizza tonight. I've been making it with basil, and 4 kinds of cheese - provolone, fresh mozzarella, fresh grated parmesan and a pre-shredded pizza blend. I bake the crust beforehand so it doesn't stay gooey (GF pizza doughs seem to do this more), and before I bake that I throw on some olive oil and onion & garlic powder. It is soooo yummy. It's better than the gluten pizza I used to make! Also, I don't have lessons on Fridays and it's a great way to get the house in shape for the weekend. (See #4). Despite by best efforts with the 40 bags, I find I still have clutter in the house and it is so much easier to enjoy the weekend with Hubby if I'm not staring at stuff that needs to be put away or organized. So... I better get crackin!

Happy weekend, everyone!! :)

Friday, May 13, 2011

It seemed like a good day...

to go for a walk....

Isn't it beautiful outside? Maybe I'll get some color. I'm whiter than white on rice. :)

 I could go here:

But maybe I'll go here....

to mail THIS!!!!!!! :) :) :)

Home Study... here we come!!!
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