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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Catching up & First Mother's Day

I think a list format is going to be my best friend for a while. It's easier to jump from subject to subject!

1) We had a great weekend in Pittsburgh! My sister's bridal shower was beautiful - and the gift I mentioned a while back - she loved! I made her a personalized cookbook using Shutterfly. I knew there were recipes that she wanted from my mom; plus her fiance jokingly told her once he wanted to send her to me to learn how to cook. It turned out really well - I included a bunch of family photos at the introduction to each section, and found lots of photos online for free that I included so she could see photos of many of the dishes. I love a cookbook with photos, don't you? Anyway, I was so glad she liked it. Here's a look at the cover:

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2) After the bridal shower, my MIL and sisters turned the room at the church into a baby shower! I have another shower this weekend hosted by my awesome friends, M & K. I can't believe it - a baby shower for me!! It's still surreal. We received lots of cute clothes, a few toys, an awesome whale bathtub (little man has been bathed and rinsed in the kitchen and bathroom sinks! I think both times he was wondering what on earth was going on!). My sister S found a Penguins sleep & play for him - a few sizes bigger that he can wear next season. That was hubby's favorite gift. :) And my favorite... my sisters are both friends with a lovely woman who suffered from infertility. She has twins now, and was at the shower. Both of them have talked to her about me and she's been praying for us. She gave us a beautiful cross with the verse from Samuel - For this child, I have prayed. I teared up on that one!!

3) Caleb has been doing a little better at night. I got a little smarter and started feeding him in our bedroom where it's darker so he doesn't fully wake up. It's made a huge difference - he wakes; eats and falls back to sleep. Yay!!! Who knows if it will last, but I've gotten decent sleep the last few nights.

4) My house still looks like a tornado (of 7 pounds) ran through it. I am itching to dust and vacuum. When DH is at home in the evening and enjoying Daddy-time, I am cleaning! I know I'm weird, but I like cleaning. It's total chaos in our guest room and it makes me feel restless. My sister M is coming later this weekend and staying 2 nights and she'll need a place to sleep!

5) Caleb's baptism is this weekend - hooray!!! He is wearing the baptismal gown that I wore... my dad wore.. and my grandfather wore in 1908!!!! Our former pastor is celebrating. We really like our new pastor, but the former was a good friend who I know was praying for us and who just knows everything we've been through. Boy, was that a fun phone call to make!! He called DH back and after we put him on speakerphone, he asked me what I was up to and I answered... "well, I'm working on a registry." A registry? "Yes, a baby registry!!!" Anyway, we are super happy he is free. Both sets of grandparents, my godmother and assorted siblings will be able to make it. My sister M (the one who needs the guest room!) managed to have to work out of Baltimore next week, so she'll be able to fly in. At least, we are praying she can get a flight in time on Sunday!!

6) Mother's Day... it was wonderful... surreal and I was thinking and praying so much of all of you still waiting. We went to my former parish for mass and the priest there, after baptisms occur, loves to carry the babies around the church for everyone to see. Well, right before the homily, he came down (we were in the front) and asked if he could carry Caleb around. He picked him up, car seat and all! The weekend after we got him, the priest announced the news at every mass! It was so nice to be there and show him off to the many people who were praying for us. After the homily though, the prayers of the faithful were a bit of a surprise. I usually dread them - they offer prayers for mothers. Not those longing to be mothers, and so on. But here is essentially what was read. First - the prayer for mothers.

And then, the second prayer: "For all women who suffer the pain of infertility, miscarriages and stillborn births, that they will feel the comfort and mercy of God"

Third: "For women who courageously and generously choose adoption over abortion, and for mothers and fathers who welcome those babies into their hearts and homes."

Wow. How beautiful!! And after mass, during breakfast, I found out that it was my mom who submitted the prayers to the pastoral associate, asking that they be included on Mother's Day. My mom rocks!!!!

7) I'm looking into stimulating lactation. I'm so inspired by the bloggers who have done so! I met with a lactation consultant about 10 days ago and got started with a SNS. Caleb isn't really a fan... he's fine if he's eaten some already, but that's it. I haven't been able to force him. And I haven't used it since last week - I had no desire to try to work with it while traveling. I was going to try to stimulate without pumping, but I think that might be what I need to do. My friend K told me yesterday, that I can always feed him breastmilk from a bottle if I get any. My only concern is that we are traveling a bit in June for 3 weddings. And I'm worried about pumping during all that. Anyway... please pray for me!!!!

8) I ordered the following awesome outfit for him to wear at the weddings:

How adorable is that??? :)

9) Finally, for my first mother's day, DH got me the Nikon D5100!!! I am SUPER excited!! I have been wanting one for ages. We're both wondering if we can do a crash course in using it in time for Caleb's baptism on Sunday. :-D Feel free to leave any SLR tips below, haha!!

10) Oh, and one more - congratulations to Hebrews!!! Way to go, Mama!!! And welcome baby Claire!!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Short update

Wow. Just wow. I have so many thoughts spinning in my head and even though I've sat down to write a post on the call, and what I'm feeling - still infertile but now a mom - I still have no idea how to put them into words. 

It's heavenly; having Caleb. I love his little noises when he's sleeping or just waking up, I love changing diapers, singing to him and feeding him and even getting up in the middle of the night, no matter how tired I am. Of course, I wouldn't object if he were to decide to sleep through the night now, haha! :) And we are finally past the 10-day waiting period for the birthmother, but the birthfather has not signed yet. He was supposed to sign Friday... I believe his rights are terminated tomorrow, regardless. But please pray that he does sign!! 

Today is the first day with DH back to work (he's coming home early tonight so I can teach lessons)and so far today, I took an extra nap with Caleb this morning, took a shower and put on make-up, took another nap, fed Caleb for the third time, then realized, I should probably eat at least one meal since he had at that point had 3. :) Seriously, I am forgetting to feed myself!! 

Our local social worker is coming to the house on Thursday for our first post-placement visit. I really have to do some cleaning before then!!

OK... I'm being summoned by someone in the next room. :) I guess it's time for another afternoon snack!

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