Saturday, February 23, 2013

Saturday Snapshots

I didn't give up blogging for Lent though I am trying to limit my time on the computer each day to make more time for prayer and time where I focus more on C. No more jumping quickly online "just to check real fast". Right. If you are someone who can check one thing online only, and then step away, please share your secret! :)

1) C turned 10 months yesterday!! I can hardly believe it!! I'll do a 10-month post at some point coming up, but mostly he is just full of fun these days. He LOVES to laugh and is becoming more and more social - smiling at strangers, although at the same time holding tightly to me. He really loves to be held these days... I don't mind a bit!!
Happy 10 months, C!!
2) Valentine's day - I made a nice dinner at home. For special occasions I like to spend more time in the kitchen, so here was our menu:

Pink ribbon on our centerpiece:

And I'm very bad at taking food pictures, so the only thing I have is a photo of our salad, haha. :)

3) DH's birthday was 5 days after Valentine's day... but that was a simple dinner at his request. We had an awesome weekend prior - his parents drove down to surprise him. They got there late in the evening, DH was distracted watching a Pens game, and I went upstairs to let them in and get out the cupcakes. When I went back downstairs, they were right behind me and we started singing Happy Birthday. There is an amazing GF bakery nearby where I purchased the cupcakes. I didn't want to make a cake and be stuck with the leftovers! Plus, I know DH prefers chocolate while I like vanilla, so it's nice to have the different options. He had a chococlate cupcake with coffee hazelnut frosting and I had an apple pie cupcake with maple frosting. Yummy! Anyway, DH was completely surprised, even though I came so close to giving it away a few times!! Happy Birthday to my Best Friend!! :)

4) The 40 bags in 40 days is going pretty well. I don't know that I'll come up with 40 bags again this year. (I've pared down a lot thanks to doing this in years past, plus in the last 10 months I've had to get rid of more due to a little man and all his belongings!) I have had a few shredding parties though, and managed to dump 4 garbage bags worth of old papers. I think more than anything, I love getting rid of paper clutter!!

5) A prayer request - the son of some friends of my hubby and me passed away earlier this week. Theirs is such a beautiful story. Their son had SMA. Anyway, if you would keep this family in your prayers, I know they would appreciate it.

6) Another prayer request - I found out earlier this week from a friend and colleague of mine that she and her husband have separated. They have 2 beautiful children. PLEASE keep them in your prayers that this is only temporary.

7) To end on a happy note.... someone has their first tooth now!!! And that someone received Penguins stickers to decorate the DocBand for Valentine's Day!! :-D

First tooth!! It finally came in last weekend!


  1. He is just beautiful. Keeping both of your friends in prayer.

  2. cute boy!!

    so fun about the valentines dinner and the surprise birthday celebration!

  3. C is so smiley!!! And a tooth!!! How exciting! Their teeth are so cute!
    Your Valentines & birthday celebration for your DH sounds so fun! What great thought you put into planning and I love that his parents were part of the surprise!
    I can't believe C is 10 months already!!??!! Where does the time go?

    1. I have NO idea where the time goes! I am just trying to soak in every minute!! :)

  4. OK, I am hiring you for our next Valentine's Day!


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