Tuesday, March 26, 2013

11 months & Graduation!! :)

Checking out our snowfall yesterday!

Height: Not sure... haven't checked

Weight: According to our bathroom scale, just under 25 pounds

Clothes: Can still squeeze into a few remaining 12 month shirts, but mostly 12-18 months. Almost 24 month pants thanks to the cloth diapers, haha.

Some of his stats:

Health - Healthy boy here! C has 3 teeth now; the first one popped through right a week before he turned 10 months. The third was a little over a week ago.

Food - Still loving bananas, sweet potatoes and applesauce. He has no problem gobbling down chicken, avocado, butternut squash, beef, salmon and now liver. Next up might be bacon in the meat category. :-D He also had a bit of my asparagus soup one morning. He was looking longingly at my bowl after he finished his banana. :-)

Sleep - Much better these days. He's sleeping through the night, though usually wakes up 1-2 (or 3, poor baby) times, but gets himself back to sleep. Sometimes he fusses more than others. If he's really fussing, DH or I will go in and pat him, or rock him back to sleep. Naps are for the most part great. He sometimes sleeps in his crib, but most often in our bed. For some reason, he usually takes longer naps there - close to 2, sometimes even 2 1/2 hours for both morning and afternoon. I usually lie down with him to help him fall asleep. I'm really trying to make sure we're home during his regular naptime. Since he wakes up before 6:30, we're usually going to 6:30 am Mass. We were going to noon for a bit, but he was getting really vocal then. Singing... praying... whatever he did, it was loud. :)

Milestones so far
Solid butt-scooting. :) And some walking!!!!!!!!! He doesn't have any idea that he's taking steps without holding on to anything, but this morning he had a few consecutive steps 3 times! I am excited/scared/sad at the same time. My baby is growing up!!!!
He loves to "conduct" - DH or I will start singing and when he waves his arms, we sing, and stop when he stops waving his arms. It is super funny. We did it when DH's parents were here this weekend. He had a full choir at his disposal, haha. :)
He still loves playing the piano - and walks himself over by holding onto various furniture in the living room to get there. He's discovered that he can open drawers and cabinets - the drawers of his dresser, and one of the drawers in the kitchen which, fortunately, only has kitchen towels in it. And he's opening cabinets- his favorite is the one with all our pans... he'll be cooking in no time. :) And now we have the outlets covered and the cabinets that he shouldn't get into fastened.

And lastly.... today was C's Graduation from wearing the DocBand!!! Yay!!!!!

Here he is, right before we left for his appointment:

Freedom!!! :)

Every graduate needs a cool hat, right?

You did it, Baby!! 

And we have to try this one on... to be ready for tonight's game!

Daddy and I love you so much, sweet boy!! Happy 11 months!!!!

Monday, March 25, 2013

The Annunciation

I was in college when I first came across this in a devotional bible. Loved it then... still love it now.


by Luci Shaw

As if until that moment
nothing real
had happened since Creation

As if outside the world were empty
so that she and he were all
there was — he mover, she moved upon

As if her submission were the most
dynamic of all works: as if
no one had ever said Yes like that

As if one day the sun had no place
in all the universe to pour its gold
but her small room

Happy Feast of the Annunciation! :)

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Thank you & Dancin' with the Stars

Thank you all so much for your prayers for my sister - my niece was born last night sometime before 2 am - a healthy baby girl, 6 pounds, 7 ounces and 19.5 inches long. Both mom and baby are doing well! :) Again, thank you for praying!!! DH, C & I will be visiting them over Easter. Can't wait!!!

Caleb, as you can see, is excited about his new cousin... or perhaps this is his Dancing with the Stars audition? Will you vote for him? :)

Monday, March 18, 2013

URGENT - Prayers Please!!

If you would all keep my sister, V, in your prayers, I'd appreciate it! She's at the hospital for an induction. At her appointment this morning, the doctor decided induction was best based on what he was seeing. So... please keep her in your prayers for a safe delivery!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

What I Wore Sunday (3)

Sweater - White House Black Market, last fall
Green"ish" tee (all the green I have-- Happy St. Patricks' Day!) - Ann Taylor, a few years back
Black Pants - Ann Taylor (years ago!!)
Boots - Easy Spirit, the store
(Actually, most of the morning I was wearing my organ shoes. Played for Masses this weekend. :))
Necklace - The Limited, I think?
Bracelet - a gift from a former student :)

C - did not want to hold a pose...

Let me check out that camera strap, Mom. 

Enlisted help.
Pens outfit - aunt R! :) 
The "hockey helmet" comes off in 9 days! Yay!! :-D

Happy Sunday, everyone! 

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

HWFD? Sausage Stuffed Portabella Mushrooms

For the record, I have NEVER liked mushrooms. Seriously. They are fungus. Gross.

However, I occasionally get brave (at times) to expand my palate. I figured combining something I dislike with things that I do would be a good way to ease into it. I figured if the mushroom was that bad, I could just eat the filling!

Oh, wow. Mouth-watering buttery goodness. I don't know if it was the tarragon (which was a new-to-me spice) but it was hea-ven-ly.

Here they are, piping hot out of the onen.

Here's a photo from Sarah Fragoso's blog - Everyday Paleo, along with the recipe:
Are you still reading? Get your ingredients! Your tummy is calling!

Enjoy! :)

ps: For variety, we used the leftovers on our homemade pizza. Yummy on that too!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

What I Wore Sunday

I promise next week I'll wear a different color, but today it was pink again! :)

Pink shirt - Express, a few years ago
Black skirt- Ann Taylor, a few years ago (LOVE A-line skirts!)
Silver Ball necklace - Macy's
Earrings - small silver hoops, maybe JCPenney or Kohl's
Black peep toe heels - Banana Republic 

On C
Take 2.... (right before we left we had to change his pants and take off 
the cute sweater vest right before leaving for Mass)
Shirt - Janie & Jack (love the preppy little boy look, but I always buy on sale!)
Pants - Polo - a consignment sale last fall
Socks... overrated ;)

Thursday, March 7, 2013

HWFD? Cherry Tomato Frittata with Corn, Basil & Goat Cheese

This recipe was pictured in an old Williams Sonoma catalog - I had to look up the recipe online. It was worth it though!!! Made it earlier this week for our breakfasts the past few days.

I deviated a bit from the instructions because I like baking my frittatas. I just think they're easier that way... maybe that's just me.

I used a 9-inch glass pie pan.

In a small skillet, I cooked the corn (I used 1 cup of frozen corn) in 2 Tbsp. butter. I stirred the remaining ingredients. I used only 4 oz of the goat cheese- that was the size package it came in and I didn't want to buy 2. I saved a bit to sprinkle on top, but since I was baking the eggs uncooked, it kind of sunk in. Oh well. The pepper I saved for last and just sprinkled it on top. (I also used about half the recommended red pepper flakes - it was just enough of a "kick" for me.)

It was SO yummy!!! I think I'll definitely be making this a lot - it's very spring/summery with the grated lemon and fresh basil.

Highly, highly recommend!! :)

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

I Feel Good... by C

Someone likes dancin'! :)

"In the small things"

Words from Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI's Lenten message this year...
In this time of Lent, in the Year of Faith, we renew our commitment on the way of conversion, to overcome the tendency to close in on ourselves and to make room for God instead, looking at our daily reality through His eyes. We might say that the choice between closing in on our egoism and opening to the love of God and others, corresponds to the alternatives in Jesus' tempations: the choice, that is, between human power and love of the Cross, between a redemption viewed solely as material well-being and redemption as the work of God, to whom we give the first place in life. Conversion means not closing in on oneself in the pursuit of one's own success, one's own prestige, one's own position, but making sure that every day, in the small things, truth, faith in God and love become the most important thing.
I looked at the Vatican website this morning and found this little photo album had been posted. I LOVE the photos of him with the children! It was such a good reminder, as is the quote above, that the moments we spend with our children are priceless. God sees all the small things that we do, even when most of the time they go unnoticed.

God Bless and be with the Cardinals as they begin to gather to elect our new Holy Father!!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Catholic Marriage Series guest post

Happy Monday everyone! Today, I'm posting over at Caitlin's on her Catholic Marriage Series. Please stop by and say hello to her at Catholic Cookie Jar.

Thanks for having me, Caitlin! :)

Sunday, March 3, 2013

What I Wore Sunday

I've enjoyed seeing some of you post your outfits so I thought I'd join in the fun! I feel a little weird though... did you? My husband starting singing "You're So Vain... I bet you think this blog is about you" when he was taking these shots. Too funny. I love my DH. :)

Anyway... #8 from yesterday's post - this adorable apron from Etsy! 

Apron: Etsy
White tee: The Limited
Jeans: Ann Taylor, on sale last fall (my favorite pair!!)

The shop owner had one similar to it posted (in red and black) which sold before I could buy it. She was so awesome to work with and I ended up loving the one we designed together even more than I liked the original. She had the black and white center fabric and I found the pink fabric on fabric.com. You know how I feel about pink! ;) 

Anyway... I'll be wearing this most of the day because I have a bunch of cooking to do! Yogurt, C's formula, a roast for dinner (yum!) and veggies for C - a butternut squash, sweet potato and apples I picked up yesterday at the farmer's market.

What I wore this morning to church:

Boots: Macys or Lord & Taylor, I can't remember
Jewelry - just a pair of pearl earrings, from Etsy
Scarf: Ann Taylor Loft (more pink!)
Dress: Ann Taylor Loft 
(I keep meaning to hem it a bit... seeing it in a photo makes me think I 
should get to it before I wear it again, haha)

Please, join in the fun! What did you wear today? :)

Saturday, March 2, 2013


I don't know about you, but Etsy is becoming one of my favorite places to find cute things! It's nice to support people who have turned a hobby into a business. :)

(1) One of the first things I purchased was this little Made with Love Heart Stamp. I like to give people handmade cards and this was a nice addition to the back of the cards:

This shop also sells paper tape (also called washi tape), of which I'm a big fan. I use that quite frequently as well for handmade cards, but I haven't purchased any on Etsy yet. I have a few marked as favorites though!

(2) I purchased a few things for C as well - first, remember this awesome tux?

Loved this purchase - he was a stylin' dude at the weddings we attended last summer. :)

(3) Then, for more casual days, he sported this onesie:

I asked the shop owner to make it using yellow ink on a black onesie. This was one of DH's favorites!

That's another thing I love about Etsy- the customizable orders. :)

(4) Another thing is that sometimes if an item is sold, you can request a new one to be made. Like this ironing board cover... a Christmas gift! :)


(5) C's Christmas gift from DH & me - I looked forever in local stores for wooden blocks. I wanted some that would really last, that could be passed down even. Finally, I looked at Etsy and found the perfect set! They are engraved with capital and lowercase letters, as well as images that begin with the corresponding letter.


(6) Another favorite is my iPhone case - I had it customized in Navy for the background with dark pink for the monogram section. I was able to personalize the font as well.


(7) And every girl likes to have a bit of bling, right? This necklace was also a Christmas gift from the Secret Santa in my family. I've worn it quite a bit already, and it goes with so many outfits, from casual to dressy.

(8) You'll have to wait for this one!! I'm going to post tomorrow... it will be "What I Wore Sunday".... Curious?? ;-)

Have you purchased anything great on Etsy??

Friday, March 1, 2013

Homemade Yogurt

A few weeks ago I found myself with an extra gallon of raw milk. Since C has started solids, he's cut back on the amount of formula he drinks each day. I've made whey using the milk, but haven't always had success with it - sometimes it took the milk almost a week to separate. (Apparently as long as it still smells ok, it's fine.) One morning, kind of spontaneously, I decided to try my hand at making yogurt!

I followed the recipe that I've attached below, from our farmer's website.

I used a large stainless steel pot (8 quarts) to heat the milk on the stove. After the milk was on the stove, I got out my kitchen thermometer only to discover that the lowest reading was 130 degrees. Oops. Well, the milk was on the stove, C was napping, so that eliminated the option of a quick trip to the store. My only other option was a human thermometer (I called a neighbor but she didn't have one either). I left the milk on the stove and checked it every few minutes with the human thermometer and when I saw it rise from 107 degrees to "H", I figured it was ready!

**Side note: What does the "H" stand for? "You're hotter than he - -...?"or "Hospital NOW?" :)

In any case, I figured it was warm enough, so I followed the directions to remove 1 cup of the warmed milk, stir in 3 tablespoons of store bought yogurt (I used plain greek yogurt),  then added it back to the pot, and put it in the oven the rest of the day. It was in there pretty close to 9 hours. Since it was a cold day, I briefly turned the oven on to the lowest setting - maybe about 5 minutes, and before it even heated up the whole way, I turned it off. I also left the light on.

When I took it out... there it was in all it's glory! Homemade yogurt!

It would have been fine to eat that way - on the runny side, but since DH & I like Greek yogurt, I again followed the directions to make it nice and creamy. It did this part in 2 batches since my colander wasn't big enough. It worked just fine.

Once I had drained the whey, I stirred the yogurt using a whisk, and added a little bit of vanilla for flavor.

The first time I had it, I served it over some sliced banana, a clementine and sprinkled it with a bit of cinnamon. It was heaven!!!

It made quite a bit of yogurt and it was SO easy!! I definitely encourage you to try it!!

I'll be making more this weekend now that we have another gallon of milk to use! :) When I do, I'll try to remember to take photos!


Here's my recipe for making yogurt with one gallon of milk.
You can adjust it if you're working with less milk.
Heat gallon of milk on stove top to 110 degrees. Take pot off heat. Stir 3 tablespoons of store-bought yogurt into a cup of the warmed milk till well mixed. (really well mixed) Add to big pot of warmed milk. Stir well. Put pot in warm place (95 degrees) for about 8-9 hours. (If your pot is small enough, you can put it in the stove with no heat - just the oven light on for heat. Or some people put a heating pad beneath the pot and set on low.) After the 8 to 9 hours, put yogurt in fridge till it gets nice and cold. This next step is what makes our yogurt extra thick and creamy (similar to the brand "Fage`" in the healthy stores). Since we don't like runny yogurt, I strain it through a cheesecloth-lined colander for several hours or even a day (in the fridge) till it gets thicker like we like it. Then I whisk it in my kitchen aid and it gets creamy and smooth. If you'll be adding honey, sugar, or fruit, you can add it while whisking.

Source: http://www.alexanderadventures.com/recipes.html
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