Tuesday, August 13, 2013

What we've been up to & photo dump!

I have been such a bad blogger of late! I still enjoy reading all of your updates, even though I may not be commenting as much as usual. One of my goals this summer was to spend less time online. Some days/weeks were better than others! :) Part of it is due to C switching to one nap a day--occasionally he'll nap in the car in the morning if we're on our way back from Mass, or errands, but he always wakes up as soon as I take him out of the car. Anyway, I had a few projects that have been on my to-do list for what seems like forever and I finally decided I would tackle them this summer. It's amazing the things you can accomplish when you're not online!

1) I finally finished a skirt my sister R, bought in Italy in uh... 2010. She wanted me to - well, as she said, "do something with it." I'm not a great seamstress by any means, but I did what I could. She said I could take the whole thing apart, but I've never sewed a skirt with 2 layers, so I didn't. Looking back, I should have made pillow covers or something with it. It was a really great pattern, haha. Anyway, I finished "doing something with it" and gave it back!

2) More sewing - I am almost done with the Steelers quilt I've been meaning to make for... oh... since before I got married. I was tired of looking at the fabric and decided that I should have it ready for the start of this season. (Not that I'm expecting a great season, but I can still hope.) Anyway, both of the sides are done - one side is black and white alternating fabric with the team logo and the other side is alternating black and gold patterned fabric. I have to order the batting from Amazon and assemble it, but the hard work is done. I'll post photos when it's finished.

That's the end of my sewing. :)

3) We just came back from 2 weeks of vacation at the lake with my family and a few days in OH with DH's family while DH worked out of that local office. It was wonderful to be away! It wasn't as much of a vacation as I'd hoped though. My poor DH came down with a wicked sinus infection a few days before we had to leave. We thought it was just a cold, but then the night we arrived, he got much worse. A few nights it was so bad that he ended up sleeping downstairs in a chair so he could sit upright. I couldn't fall asleep with him coughing that hard and he was afraid to wake up C in the pack-n-play. Ugh. Finally by the end of the week he was feeling better, though he still has a bit of a lingering cough here and there. Also, the night we arrived, I found out my mom had gone to the local ER. She ended up having her gallbladder removed the next night! Fortunately, it went very well, and aside from the nastiest bruise I'd ever seen (it was the size of a softball), she was told she could resume normal activities. Except swimming, the doc said. (We told her she could still water ski, since she wasn't technically swimming, haha.) Fortunately, my sis and my aunt are both nurses (and I've seen enough surgical incisions to know what they are supposed to look like when healing) that we were all able to keep an eye on her and make sure she didn't do anything she wasn't supposed to. Like lift C, the lumberjack. :) Anyway, despite the illnesses, and the weather being colder than it usually is, we had a good time. We were able to get in a few days of water skiing, and a boat ride with C. And DH and I got in a few rounds of bananagrams. :) And I finished a book!

4) My sis V and her DH and daughter are on their way south to their new home. Unfortunately it is a plane ride away. :( My BIL is doing a doctoral program so they'll be there at least 3 years. I told her we better get frequent videos and photos of my niece! We won't get to see them all that often.

Photos from the last few weeks:

My niece, M. Isn't she the sweetest!!
"I'm keeping my eye on you, M." Actually, C was very good with her.
He gave her lots of kisses in addition to wanting to touch her a lot. :)
Not sure if he was planning to do dead-lifts with this one...
It was very windy the first several days we were there.
I'd take C out on the dock and he'd have his tongue hanging out
like a puppy. DH kept calling him MJ.
My mom's Christmas card photo already ordered and on it's way
thanks to the free 101 prints from Shutterfly this weekend! :-D
Not sure about the boat ride and having the floor move!!
Tired. Or bored?
Some cold days skiing, but this was one of the warmer ones.
My sis R and I had fun with the sports setting on my camera.
I hope to have a zoom lens by next summer!
After-vacation weigh-in. Apparently everyone gains weight, haha.
His new car seat - a Britax Marathon 70-G3 in Cowmooflage arrived today, haha. :)
My cute nephew on DH's side of the family! He came the one
night wearing this and I had C's packed and upstairs in his suitcase!

And finally... once we arrived home, someone learned a new trick...

Today he climbed up and when I asked him what he was doing, he clapped.
Sigh... I think I better order that learning tower as well.
Happy Tuesday, everyone! I hope to be back to blogging a bit more regularly now. :)

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