Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Conversations (2) Uncle D's abilities

Me: C, what color is Mommy's hair?
C: Black
Me: What color is C's hair?
C: Orange
Me: Your hair is not orange!
C: I need a mirror

Me: C, look at that tree! Isn't it pretty? Who makes the leaves change color?
C: Uncle D.

Apparently Uncle D has super powers!! :)

Monday, November 17, 2014

My sister is engaged!!

I am so excited! My sister R is engaged! Her boyfriend B - now fiance - asked me about a month ago if I would be in on the surprise proposal and photograph it. I was of course, quite happy to go along with it. He surprised her on Friday, after she arrived at his place. Normally she heads straight there after finishing with her kiddos (she's a fantastic PT) and gets ready for their evening out. He drew her a map and left it on the door after writing her a sweet note, and she had to follow the map. It was FREEZING, and while B, his brother (who was filming) and I were dressed appropriately (and still cold!!) , R just came over in her fleece jacket. Crazy girl. :) She obvious said yes, although I think afterward she told him her response had been "of course!"  Here are some of the (100+, haha) photos I captured...

making sure he has the ring (it's GORGEOUS!)
Her map told her to come down the other size of the street,
and I was looking for her in her wool coat, haha. :)
Seeing B...
Happy girl. (I started getting teary-eyed right about here. I'm a sap!)
He was looking mighty nervous up until about this point :)

Will you?
Yes!!!!! (or "of course"!!!!)

Get that ring on my finger!! 
Oooooh.... :-D 
So happy :)

Congratulations R & B! Love you both so much!

Now let's start planning that wedding! ;)

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Veteran's Day

Happy Veteran's Day to my hubby...

Commissioned by his Papa, who also served in the Navy

remembering my Grandpap who also served in the Navy...

I asked him to dance at my Aunt's wedding. :) He told me he was still recovering weeks later, haha.

and thinking all of the men and women who are and have faithfully served our country.

Thank you!!

Monday, November 3, 2014

Halloween recap

For the second year in a row, C was a bumblebee. He liked it, I liked it (it was a hand-me-down so I love the free part even more) so we had a winner. He wore it all day - we went to visit my Grandma in the morning so she could see the kids in their costumes - and took his nap in it and wanted to wear it to bed.

I wasn't planning to take C trick-or-treating - DH was out of town, and my sister R and her almost-fiance B were here to help with the kids and pass out treats. So, C was dressed in his costume and eating dinner and snacks, and at one point during the evening said with much excitement after one group of kids came by that he wanted to go trick-or-treating! He needed his shoes!" Find shoes! Put shoes on! Go trick-or-treating!" My sis said they would be fine if I wanted to take him to a few houses, so off we went!

We went across the street to the sweet older couple (one of the neighbors thinks they are in their 90s - I think maybe mid-late 80s) who had set up some folding chairs in their garage with a big box of treats between them. It was raining outside, and we still got a pretty good turnout. Maybe 30ish kids or more? I forgot to count. (We usually had in the single digits in VA, and some years none at all.) Anyway, back to trick-or-treating. We headed out, and C happily went across the street with his pumpkin in hand. He was so excited; it was very cute! I hadn't officially met the neighbors yet, but they were happy to see us and the woman said she and her husband had planned to stop over when there was a lull to introduce themselves. We chatted for a few minutes and C received 2 bags of chips. After we turned around to leave, C saw some other kids headed to our front door. He headed straight back home yelling "I trick-or-treated!!! I trick-or-treated!!!!" He didn't seem at all interested in going anywhere else, so we just stayed at the house where he ate his 2 bags of chips, and a short while later went to bed.
Happy as a clam with his chips!
Meanwhile, G hung out in her flower costume and smiled, and eventually just hung out in her bumbo. She is such a good baby!

And as I'm typing this, C wanted to come sit with me so he's on my lap, and after seeing the
photos, told me that when R and B came over, he ate hummus. Yup, that was one of the snacks. Oh, the things he remembers! :)

Hope you all had a nice Halloween! Can you believe it's November??

Conversations (3)

Apparently I am terrible at leaving drafts unpublished. I found this one from way back in the fall - hence the Jack-o-Lantern song!... it still makes me smile. :)

C during breakfast:
"I go for a walk.
I find a stick.
I play the cello."

Lately he's been pausing after he finds said stick to sit somewhere while I sing the Jack-o-Lantern song and he plays the air cello.

Yes, definitely the son of a musician! :)

Me to C while feeding G -
Me: C, will you go get G's blue chair for me downstairs?
(DH and I read in one of our books that kids need to take a moment to process things before they can respond, so I waited patiently until I saw his face light up that he understood.
C turned around to head downstairs then he turned back and said "Pleeeeease?" (as a reminder to me to say please!)
Me: Yes, sorry, please!!

C: Bong, bong, bong, bong
Me: Are you a clock?
C: Bong, bong, bong, bong.... good grief!! (And then I think he said something about "o'clock".)
I couldn't figure out for the life of me where he got that... until I was reading a Charlie Brown Thanksgiving and it's in part of the book. Oh, the things they focus on!

C: (looking at one of those black and white picture book for babies) Baby Hedgehog!
Me: What did you say?
C: Baby hedgehog!!
Me: thinking for a minute... oh my goodness! The velcro fastener! He has a touch-and-feel baby animal book and the last page is a baby hedgehog... you guessed it, it feels like a piece of velcro!

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