Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 Review in Photos

 What a fantastic year 2014 has been! I thought it would be fun to take a trip down memory lane!

In January...
We learned how to bake cookies! :)

In February...
C had fun shoveling snow
and was definitely a heart breaker for Valentine's Day!
In March...
C decided eating snow was more fun than shoveling,
and still loves to receive many kisses due to this shirt!
Oh, and we heard that we had been chosen to be parents for a sweet baby girl due in May! :) No photo for that... just the memory!

In April...
We celebrated our last Easter as a family of 3...

celebrated our little man's 2nd birthday...
And 3 days later, welcomed our beautiful daughter, G.
And C became the best big brother.
In May...
C loved to play outside with Daddy
and I celebrated Mother's Day with 2 kids!
and G talked to her big brother.
In June...
we welcomed our sweet girl into the Catholic Church!!!
And we put our house on the market! (And had an offer accepted on a new home in PA!)

In July...
We packed like crazy (no photos of that mess!) and watched our baby girl GROW!!!
In August (the craziest month of the year)...
We said good-bye to Daddy's office
Closed on our home in PA - this guy was in attendance :) 
We ripped up the carpet in the Master Bedroom,
and I drooled over my new closet. Ha! :)
We went on vacation with my family and little G ate up the attention! 
C loved being out on the water, 
feeding the ducks,

playing with cousin M

and I enjoyed a few great days of skiing!
We headed back to VA,
to say goodbye to our first home together.

And 24 hours after our stuff was delivered, went to an insanely hot Pirates game!

In September,

we unpacked :-P

took C to his first Pens practice,

and watched baby G roll over!

In October,
C doted on his little sis,
played in the leaves (according to him they sounded like popcorn),

and picked pumpkins.

G tried and rejected sweet potatoes.

In November,
DH and I had a nice evening out when I sang at the fundraising gala with my new choir,
we hosted the family for my sister S and my aunt's birthdays
and welcome the extended family to our new home for the first time!

We hosted Thanksgiving,

and attended the annual sibling hockey game the day after!

In December,
we celebrated Christmas early with family when everyone was still in town,

 the cousins hugged,
and G loved bouncing on Auntie M!

We finalized G's adoption and became a forever family!

(the best Christmas present) :)

we baked (and swiped) cookies,

played and sang Christmas carols on the piano,

C & G posed patiently while I tried my new camera lens 
(clearly (pun intended) still learning, but I still love these shots!)

DH cut down our tree,

and G gave her opinion of the excursion.

We waited patiently for Christmas morning,

when C carefully placed Baby Jesus in the Manger.

We celebrated Christmas with my family,

and then with DH's.

Here's to more adventures in 2015! Happy New Year, friends!
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