Wednesday, May 13, 2015

C & G's Birthday Recap

I had intended to publish this in April.... oops! C is crazy about helicopters- a helicopter was the only thing he wanted for his birthday! He loves to hold and fly it around to music- I guess there was a show in the 80s called Airwolf and DH showed him a few clips of it and he's been hooked ever since. So the theme song is on constant replay around here. As is Michael Buble's Cry Me a River. Apparently that too is the perfect helicopter flying song. Who knew? :) Anyway...

On his actual birthday, we just had a nice dinner and he got to open his present!

I made Creme Caramel since I was waiting for the party to make his cake. It was a winner!

The birthday invite:
Blue for C and pink for G! I made them a banner - you can sort of see it in the picture below. The mantel was decorated with photos from the last 3 years of them both!

G with her Memere and Grandma. 
We were so glad to have DH's mom here (left) who has been in CA since last July helping 
to take care of her mother. She is coming back next month and we are thrilled!

Helicopters on the cupcakes :) That's about as crafty as I get. 
I am hoping to take a Michael's cake decorating class this summer with my sister, R. 
My sister V makes the most amazing cakes for her daughter after taking only one class! :)

He got really quiet when everyone was singing to him. There were 21 of us there and several of us are good singers who harmonize! It was loud birthday singing!

Make a wish!


And then it was G's turn....

Let me at it!

Never mind!!! Get it off me!!!

Why are you doing this to me??

Strawberry cake is his favorite... this was 1/4 of his cake... on the fork...
and right after this bite, most of it ended up on the floor. 

I don't like cake, but this card is fantastic!

Happy Birthday to C & G! We had such fun celebrating with the family!!


  1. soo much fun.. Happy Birthday C & G

  2. Happy birthday, little ones! I reeeeally love that pic of C hugging you!

  3. What a wonderful party and theme!!! Happy Birthday, C and G!!! <3


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