Friday, June 10, 2011

A little of this, a little of that

We met the social worker doing our home study this week for the first time - yay! She was super nice and I have to say I'm feeling much better about the process. There is a lot of paperwork for sure, but we got our fingerprints done this morning and will have all the clearances mailed in within the next week, I think. Then we have to write our autobiography. For those of you who have done that - how long was yours? She mentioned some as short as 2 pages, others 4-5. When I read over the list of questions, I thought I'd be writing a thesis! Haha. She said we don't have to answer every question, but did point out that it's actually a nice thing to do - our adoptive child might like to read it one day. :)

Our next meeting is the last week of June. We have to schedule the Education course in July and one more meeting. I LOVE that they have a nice checklist of everything we need to do as far as paperwork. I work so much better if I have a nice, orderly checklist!

Next week we'll be traveling - DH is working out of the city his parents live in, and I'm going with him. I'm super excited. I have some things to work on - piano camp, and the autobiography, and a few leisure books! I haven't read a nice relaxing book in ages, although I like mysteries, which aren't always relaxing. :) Do any of you have a favorite mystery author who avoids bad language and immorality?

I am on a blueberry pancake kick. Seriously. I've been craving them since my surgery. We have them every week for brunch on Sunday! I think something's wrong with me. DH and I usually try to go to mass in the morning (early - 6:30!) and have breakfast together on First Fridays, but he was out of town last week. We scheduled it this morning instead and I had more blueberry pancakes. And then went to be fingerprinted! Ha! :)

Has anyone seen the new X-men movie? DH and I rented X3 a few weeks ago. We're going to see the new one tomorrow with my sister. She and I crammed all of them in this week and last while DH was away so she could catch up! It's been so nice having her stay with us!

Ooohhh.... one other thing - manicure and pedicure with the same sister tonight! I rarely splurge on those, but we usually get one for each other for our birthdays. Her birthday was in March so we're catching up, and mine is next month, and she'll have moved by then. So tonight, it is!

Which shade? :)

I better do some cleaning before then or I will wreck the manicure within a day!

Happy Friday, everyone!


  1. Nail Polish: The one on the right!
    So excited you are on-the-ball with your paperwork ... we need to get ours started. I have the best of intentions, but no time ....
    Have a great trip next week! :)

  2. Have a great trip!

    Good for you being on the ball with your paperwork!

    The nail polish on the left. :)

    I love the new blog. Very pretty!

  3. so very exciting! the polish!

  4. So many exciting things going on!!!

    As for the polish, the one on the left :)


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