Friday, June 24, 2011

I'm a Pinkaholic

Confession: I'm a pinkaholic. You may have guessed that already from my blog header?? :)
Here are a few of my favorite weaknesses...

A healthy and delicious snack:

A delicious, but not so healthy snack: 
(Who came up with Starburst Fave Reds? Genius. Pure genius.)

 Shoes and bag:
(The shoes are new. Can't wait to wear 'em!)

Happy Friday everyone!


  1. Love the pink! Its such a happy, fun color.

  2. It seems so "you!" Pink is by no means "me!"

  3. We are kindred spirits! I love all things bright pink, too!

  4. I Too love the color pink! :) Sometimes I joke that I'm a 13 year old girl! ;)

    I absolutely LOVE those wedges...sooo cute!! I love wedges, they're so comfty to wear and of course super cute!

  5. I was afraid to open this at first because I thought it was something to do with Komen :).

    I think I need to look for a pink shirt (to match a favorite skirt that has a band of pink at the bottom), but I find the color really hard to wear (though so pretty in the abstract!)...I guess that's not shocking for a redhead, right?

  6. Thanks everyone! I wore the shoes on Sunday... and I was very tall. :) Love them!!

    Misfit... ugh! NEVER!!! I can't stand Komen. It's such a deceptive organization.


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