Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Catching up

Surprise! I didn't fall off the face of the earth! :) I've been a bad blogger lately... sorry. :( Here's what I've been up to...

3 weeks ago... piano camp with my students. We had a blast. We spent a good deal of time on composers and some of their more famous works. The kids favorite part was getting to watch a few cartoon clips! Yes - Bugs Bunny used a great deal of classical music! We played games toward the end of the week and it was clear the cartoons really helped them remember the pieces and the composers. Yay!

2 weeks ago... vacation with my family at a lake in NY. It's wonderful there - we had great weather and got in quite a bit of waterskiing, jet-skiing and laying out on the dock. Went out to dinner quite a bit (we don't eat out a ton at home, and as much as I love cooking, I did enjoy the break!), and made it to a local baseball game - minor league team. The home team won in the 9th inning and I can't even remember the final score. Something like 11-9 maybe? It was back and forth for a while and exciting at the end! It was soooo nice to get together with family.

1 week ago - a great workshop with some good friends. It's always so nice to catch up with people you don't see much, isn't it?

In the middle of all that... I had to prep for our.... kitchen remodel!!! :) It looks terrific and I LOVE it!! I'm still in the middle of getting everything back in order, so no pictures yet. :) Fortunately it was done in the 2 weeks I was gone (DH was home the week I was at the workshop, but our contractor was great about cleaning up at the end of the day and didn't inconvenience him that much). Did I mention that I LOVE it?? Putting everything back is making me think I need another 40 Bag challenge though. Today I realized I have 5 round cake pans and 5 bread pans. FIVE! What do I need that many for? I don't even make cake or bread that often! I think most of them were wedding gifts though, and I think one set of the cake pans came with a cake dome cover that I bought after we were married. As soon as I get things off the counters and into the cabinets, I promise to post photos. :)

Alright, now I have to catch up on reading what you've all been up to! :)


  1. You've been really busy! Sounds like you've had a good time though!

  2. Awesome! Excited for pictures of your Kitchen Remodel! You've been one busy lady. I'm so glad to hear everything went well. :)

  3. Sounds like you've been very busy! And a kitchen remodel probably disrupted the entire house, and not just the kitchen. It sounds like it was worth it though - can't wait to see pics!!


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