Sunday, June 17, 2012

First Father's Day (with photos!!!)

Happy First Father's Day to my wonderful husband!

We've had a fantastic weekend visiting with family, and celebrating my sister V's wedding! She was a gorgeous bride! Without further ado... here at last is Caleb Michael!!!

First Father's Day (yes, chopped & donated my hair!)

Baby Tux! :)

He loved looking at his beautiful aunt V!

Me, my sisters M & S

Little Man! 

Hanging out with Granddad

Who wants to take me to my first baseball game? on June 6th

Memorial Day weekend - 5 weeks old

New Catholic!! - May 20 (4 weeks old)

 May 17th

3 days old... I'm going home!!!


  1. What a sweet baby!!! Happy 1st Father's Day!

  2. Awh, he is SO DARN CUTE! Love the pictures...thanks for sharing! And Happy Father's Day to your hub! What a special one!

  3. He is precious!!!! Such a blessing.

  4. How sweet is he?!?! Happy Father's Day to Mr. Isaiah!

  5. He's so handsome!!!!!! Happy fathers day to your husband!! Hope y'all had a wonderful day!!

  6. So sweet! Love the family photos!

  7. He is so adorable!!! I'm smitten. :)

  8. What a handsome little boy! I have been waiting to see his precious face and am so glad you could share pictures now!

  9. I'm smitten right along with Hebrews :) He has captured my heart. Sweet, sweet boy!

  10. Ohhhhh, soooooooo HANDSOME!!! And ADORABLE!!! And SUCH a cutie!!! I have been waiting with baited breath for pictures of your little guy!!! Happy First Father's Day, Mr. Isaiah!

  11. Time for an update and more pics..


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