Thursday, June 7, 2012

One Lovely Blog Award

Thank you Julie, so much for awarding me the:

I've so enjoyed reading Julie's adoption stories - and Julie I can't wait to see how your beautiful children grow! God has amazing things planned for them, that is certain! :)

Here are the steps to follow after receiving the award:

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  • Write down 7 random facts about yourself
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Random facts about me:

  1. DH and I met online via Ave Maria Singles. I met 3 guys in person before meeting DH... 2 of them were from the DC area... and after I met the second one (and it was a no-go), I told my mom all the single Catholic guys seem to be in DC. I'll have to move there! Little did I know... :) And, as I found out this past weekend, at a childhood friend's wedding - another girl heard about my DH and I meeting on AMS and ended up going on and met her DH there! Yay! 
  2. I lived in Pittsburgh my entire life and had no intention of moving until I met DH. While I like where we are now (awesome friends, great diocese), it's our intention to move back to PA and be close to family. I truly can't wait. 
  3. I earned my second degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do in college. I LOVED it... I hope, that when we move back to PA, I'll be able to continue. I really miss it, but I only want to study in the system I learned originally.
  4. I love organizing. I love cleaning. It just makes me totally relax to have a clean house. I know... this makes me slightly crazy. Although, if you could see my house at this moment, you'd wonder where that girl went! I'm learning to do more and more things one-handed these days, but I haven't tackled dusting or sweeping!
  5. Pittsburghers have their own language, called Pittsburghese. While I do not use it on a regular basis, I always drop the "to be" and say for example "the dishes need washed" instead of "the dishes need to be washed". Rubber bands will always be "gumbands" and vacuuming will always be "sweeping" to me. :)
  6. OK, I don't ever want to own a mini-van. I know it's like the initiation into parenthood, but I just can't do it. I don't like riding in or driving in them - they make me slightly nauseous. (It may have something to do with riding in one when I was a kid that had towels in it that smelled like wet-dog, but...) It will have to be a non-environmentally friendly, gas-guzzling SUV. Sorry.
  7. I would love to adopt (or conceive) twins. My youngest sisters are identical; I have twin cousins, and although I would probably go insane with the lack of sleep, I really loved watching the "twin bond" as they grew up - and the strength of it even now!

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Thanks again, Julie!! :)


  1. I met my husband on Ave Maria Singles, too! And, his brother met his wife on AMS!

  2. No mini van for us either. We're budgeting for an suv now :)

  3. LOL how a lot of people are writing about mini vans. It is either a love or hate relationship with mini vans!

    I have always wanted twins too! We are home study approved for twins!

    Just my luck I get to start watching twins this fall in my home, as the mom of the little girl I baby sit right now is having twins next month. I have nannied for triplets before! That was a lot of work!

  4. My older brother and sister are twins too! And I have to say that I am pro minivan, if not just to be difficult! I do remember being nauseous a lot though...and I'm pretty site they guzzles gas also!

  5. Isaiah, I love all your neat facts! Especially about organizing and cleaning. I'm a better organizer than cleaner (I'm always up for new ways to organize, but usually there's only one way to clean :-( ). The home will keep while you enjoy that cute baby of yours. :-)

  6. A clean house makes me relax too...but I don't always have the motivation to actually do the cleaning! Thanks for the award. :)


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