Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Welcome Home Wednesdays

I don't know about you, but in addition to reading blogs, I love seeing photos. I'm nosy, I guess - I like seeing people's homes and faces! :) It's helpful to get decorating ideas too! I know my blog is anonymous - I don't use my real name (though many of you know it!), but I don't mind posting photos.

So, since I love snooping browsing and seeing other's homes, I figured I should share some of my home as well. Welcome Home Wednesdays is how I'll share decorating and maybe organizing ideas if I  come across a good project!

So.... come on in! :)


At the wedding DH & I went to in CA this summer, we won this centerpiece (ok, actually, we didn't win it. DH's aunt won it and kindly offered it to us since she already had one. I didn't think twice before accepting!) I've had the leaves and little pumpkins for a few years, and was pleased with how this turned out. Pinterest helped give me some inspiration!

I love fall, don't you? There's something so nice about crisp, cool air after the heat of summer. Pumpkins, apple cider (yes, I did break down and buy the ice cream maker and I've made pumpkin ice cream twice already!)... the anticipation of Thanksgiving and Christmas right around the corner.
One of my students this week said when she comes there's always something new! (It could be the TV in the living room due to our water damage)... but then she pointed out this little arrangement. She told me I should light the candle sometime - it smelled nice. I told her next week for her lesson to remind me and I'd light it!

DH & I received this hurricane as a wedding present. The first year, I put ornaments in it for Christmas and finally last year I bought a candle (cinnamon - yum!) and added the acorns. I had so many leaves that this year I added those to it. I can't decide which I like better- just acorns? (Can you picture it like that?) Or acorns and leaves? Your thoughts?

And finally, have you ever tried Woodwick candles? DH & I found one at a candle shop on vacation one year and now I've been able to find them lots of places. Hallmark and BedBath & Beyond are two places. There is a little wooden stick as the wick - it crackles quietly like a little fire! :) This one is one of my fall ones:

And of course, can't leave out this little man who would be happy to welcome you to our home as well! 

Have you decorated your home for fall? Please share photos! Remember, I'm nosy curious. :)


  1. I love fall, too! I changed out our curtains in the bedroom to deep brown velvet ones and switched out our duvet to the the more wintery one with cardinals and snow on it. And I've been searching like crazy all over town for the coffeemate pumpkin spice!

  2. I love fall and fall decor! We busted out fall candles and I found some good finds at target and home goods :)


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