Thursday, October 25, 2012

"I'm pro-life, except..."

Oh, boy, sometimes I get myself in trouble. I'm probably going to lose a FB friend over this, but a recent post sparked a debate.

The post was about the recent comments made by Richard Mourdock, Indiana senate candidate. In a recent debate, Mourdock declared, "I came to realize is that life is a gift from God. I think that even when life begins in that horrible situation of rape, that it is something that God intended to happen.

I seriously wonder how any person could construe his comment to mean that rape was intended by God - yet clearly this is how many, including my friend, took it.

In complete honesty, in high school I wrote a paper on abortion for a history class. It was in defense of life. I can remember talking to a woman at church though about the paper and saying I was pro-life... except... yes.... in the instances of rape, incest and the life of the mother. It truly pains me to admit that I once thought this way.

What a slippery slope it is!!!

In college, one of the first verses I memorized in my bible was Jeremiah 1:5 "Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you."

So the question is, how is a child conceived in rape or incest any less of a child in the eyes of God?

Have any of you heard of Rebecca Kiessling? What a beautiful woman... she was adopted nearly from birth and learned at age 18 that she had been conceived out of a brutal rape. Her birthmother planned twice to abort her, but because of the back-alley conditions and because it was illegal, she chose not to abort her daughter. Yes, because abortion was illegal.

She says this on her website:
The fact that I’m alive today has to do with choices that were made by our society at large, people who fought to ensure abortion was illegal in Michigan at the time -- even in cases of rape, people who argued to protect my life, and people who voted pro-life.  I wasn’t lucky.  I was protected.  And would you really rationalize that our brothers and sisters who are being aborted every day are just somehow "unlucky"?!!
One of the greatest things I’ve learned is that the rapist is NOT my creator, as some people would have me believe.  My value and identity are not established as a “product of rape,” but as a child of God.
If you really want to know what your value is, all you have to do is look to the Cross --because that’s the price that was paid for your life!
Other statistics she quotes in one of the interviews:
Most people would assume that children conceived in rape are aborted 90-95% of the time. Actually, those victims chose abortion 15-25% of the time, which is less than the 50% rate for unplanned pregnancies. The majority of those women who chose life, raise their child. 25% of those women choose adoption.

Yes, rape is an atrocity, and it's a horrible, horrible thing for any woman to have to endure. But again, the quote from Jeremiah is pretty clear. God is the one who creates life. And I believe what Mourdock and those who are pro-life with no exceptions are trying to say is that evil can be drowned with an abundance of good.


  1. So true. A human is a human and is of unquantifiable value in God's eyes.

  2. As a resident of Indiana...this is all over the place right now!

    Killing the unborn is never matter how they were conceived. It is sad that these poor women who were rapped are being abused yet again when they are convinced that their only option is to kill their unborn baby. So sad!

  3. I agree. A baby is a baby. Rape is an atrocity, but adding another atrocity to it does not help.

  4. Wow! This is a spot on post with my feelings on the subject. Although babies aren't conceived in a loving embrace, they still have every right to be born, no matter the sins of one of their parents.

  5. I 100% agree. All life is precious. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I need to become more vocal about these matters and spread the word!

  6. With all we know about how traumatic abortion is for a woman (and even pro-abortion folks admit it, in a round-about way - my pro-life organization was always being told in college that it was insensitive of us to raise the topic on campus, because we never knew who might have had an abortion and therefore be very sensitive about it. Really? Sensitive about what? There's something there serious enough to be sensitive about? What would that be, exactly?) - how could adding that trauma to the trauma of rape be healing in any way? Especially when one of the sufferings of rape victims is to blame themselves. Hey, let's add the victimization of ANOTHER innocent person, for which the woman will DEFINITELY blame herself! That will make everything better!

    It boggles my mind that this side is the one that's supposed to "really understand women" - when its solutions are so mechanical, so simplistic, so lacking in humanity.


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