Tuesday, October 8, 2013

HWFD: Pumpkin Apple Spice Waffles

This girl is my new best friend. I saw the photo for these waffles and thought "I need those in my belly. Now." The recipe did not disappoint. They were fabulous! We've had these for Sunday brunch the last 2 weekends. I substituted some of the spices in the waffle mix for the Pumpkin Pie spice mix from Trader Joes - just used an equal amount of spices. I also used regular coconut milk instead of canned. I didn't want to bother with opening a can for just a little bit. And maybe I wanted to save my one remaining can of coconut milk for making pumpkin ice cream later this week. ;)


Pay especially close attention to instruction #10. :-D



  1. They look yummy. We haven't done a lot of pumpkin here (baby girl has a sensitivity to it and nutmeg...she now officially hates this time of year, LOL). But, the hubby and I might have to try them when she isn't home.


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