Monday, March 3, 2014

22 months, a little late :)

Height: 33 1/2 inches, as measured this past weekend by Granddad. :)

Weight: 31 pounds.

Clothes: 2T mostly. He can still fit into a few 24 month shirts, but not many pants that size!

Eats: Everything. He loves apples these days and bananas and asks for them constantly. Dates too, if he catches a glimpse of them in the fridge. If it doesn't eat him first, he'll eat it. Oh, and he asks for milk all the time too. We had to up our cow share!

Health: Feeling great these days! His skin is a bit dry if I don't remember to put lotion on after his baths, but I'm sure that's mostly because of the weather. My skin is crazy dry too. Can't wait for spring!

Sleep: Great unless we are traveling. Still goes to bed between 6:30-7:30 and usually gets up between 7-8. We keep his bedroom at home really dark with blackout shades, which I think helps him sleep better. We also still use a white noise machine still at night which I think soothes him. We took it with us at Thanksgiving and Christmas and now it's a staple on my packing list! He still takes 1 afternoon nap - the closer to 2 hours, the better! If he wakes up before 1 1/2 hours, he usually wants to cuddle for a while in a blanket, which is very sweet. :)

Teeth: Finally his last molar has poked through. I can't say I noticed that he was fussy about it.

What I love about this age: He is still SO affectionate these days - giving lots of kisses and hugs. He will often grab my arm or hand to give me a kiss to apologize if I have to tell him no and he knows he's in trouble. :) He's also been very clingy the last month or two. He definitely doesn't want me out of his sight! I've had a few people watch him other than me and he hasn't been happy at all that I was leaving. Breaks my heart! He also likes to give fist bumps accompanied by the word "boom!" He'll say "Boom, Mommy, Boom!" Or "Boom, Daddy, Boom!" So funny.

Words and Milestones: His language is exploding. I think the milestone for age 2 is supposed to be 50 words, and I'm pretty sure he already has that many, or is very close. He loves asking for cars accompanied with "zoom" sounds. His newest thing is singing songs - the ABC/Twinkle Twinkle/Baa-Baa-black sheep melody - and he really gets all the notes and rhythms! He's been singing that for about a month now. He's also started singing the melody to Brahm's lullaby in the last 2 weeks - also getting those notes, and using some of the words that DH & I have made up to go along with it. DH always sings that song to him at night, so he asks for it by singing it for us if we stop singing it when we put him to bed!

Here he is "playing" the ABC's on the "piano"(it's a pencil and paper holder - DH caught him playing on it for a few minutes a few weeks ago!) - you can hear him singing, haha. :)

And some photos from the last few weeks:
Valentine's Day

Helping Daddy build his Rogue box in the garage.
He LOVED the glue and kept wanting to help!

Wearing his heartbreaker tee again as he went to lunch
at a teahouse with me and some of his aunts/grandmas!
He ate right before we arrived and was only interested in playing with the ice!

Helping Grandma decorate for St. Patrick's day - he found a funny bow tie!
C, you are LOVED so much!!! I am so blessed to be your mom!!!


  1. Great pictures! What a talented little musician he is!

  2. He is adorable! Love that he was playing that little piano while singing. Seems like you may have a little musician on your hands. :)

  3. So sweet!! Love the photos and the updates =)

    Also - what is a cow share? And how could I get one? =)


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