Thursday, June 26, 2014

For those of you still waiting

All of you still waiting have been on my mind so much lately. There are those of you who have had surgery recently, and those of you that are riding the stress of the 2WW. I remember those times. As much as God has healed my heart, I still have not forgotten. The IF cross is so heavy. I think those of us who have carried it continue to help carry it for those of you still waiting.

This morning as I read through a letter written by the Prelate of Opus Dei, I couldn't help but think of and pray for those of you still waiting. I've mentioned before that my husband and I share a great devotion to St. Josemaria, the founder. Today, June 26th is his Feast Day. Each month, the current Prelate, Bishop Javier writes a letter that is posted on the Opus Dei website. This month's letter contained the following:
The life of a disciple of Christ is not meant to be a continual negation, nor a repression of the desires for happiness deep in our heart. For as Pope Benedict XVI wrote: “We need the . . . hopes that keep us going day by day.”[5] In that same encyclical, he said that “day by day, man experiences many greater or lesser hopes, different in kind according to the different periods of his life.”[6] These hopes help us to set goals, to keep advancing on our earthly pilgrimage. Frequently, these human plans can absorb everything and not allow room for other hopes. This happens especially with young people and with those who are just beginning to make their way in their professional activity, who may perhaps be blinded by a deceptive “mirage.” But when these aspirations fail, or aren’t fulfilled as one had hoped, Benedict XVI said, “it becomes clear that they were not, in reality, the whole. It becomes evident that man has need of a hope that goes further. It becomes clear that only something infinite will suffice for him, something that will always be more than he can ever attain . . . This great hope can only be God, who encompasses the whole of reality and who can bestow upon us what we, by ourselves, cannot attain.”[7]

I love this, his quote from Benedict XVI... "It becomes evident that man has need of a hope that goes further. It becomes clear that only something infinite will suffice for him... this great hope can only be God."

May those of you still waiting, continue to hope in God. You are in my prayers.


  1. What a thoughtful post - thank you! As one of the recovering-from-surgery gals, I'm grateful! That is such a beautiful reflection on hope too. Love papa Benny!

  2. Thank you. As one nearing the end of a 2ww, it was a good reminder that I do not need to repress the desires of my heart, but that my hope is in God and only God.

  3. I think this really is the perfect reflection for infertility (and, hey, the rest of life). We need our daily hopes. Our bigger-than-daily-but-not-infinite hopes do have the tendency to blot out the rest of our perspective - infertility seems to have the ability to do that like nothing else. I remember the feeling that if I didn't have a baby I could not go on. I've seen it in so many other people. It's deranged and frightening, but incredibly convincing. But, in the end, it gives way - to the daily hopes that help us keep taking steps along the journey (IF blots those out, too), and the larger hope we can learn to see again, to be going somewhere at the end of the journey.


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