Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Conversations (5)

While changing his diaper and trying to get out the door and not be late for Mass...
C: "You are driving  me crazy."
I tried to figure out if I had said this recently and couldn't remember! And I really don't remember saying it to him, haha!

My sister S talking to C...
S: "C, are you Irish?"
C: "No, I'm C!!"

C: "You look very nice Mommy! You look really cool."
I had just perched my sunglasses on top of my head. My sis wondered what he wanted. Ha!

I went in to kiss C goodnight after DH had put him to bed. Unprompted by DH...
C: "Thank you for the really yummy dinner Mommy."
And my heart melted...
Friday Lenten meal of tomato soup and grilled cheese for the win!

DH and I went on Saturday to see Cinderella with my sister R and her fiance. It was SO GOOD! Read Haley's excellent review here. :) But there are some spoilers if you haven't seen it yet! Before we left (my mom and sis S came to watch the kids), C said "I don't want to you go. Please stay with me." And as we were walking out the door "I don't want you to go on an update!!!"

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