Friday, February 27, 2015

Project 365: February

Well, this has been a crazy month. I wasn't as consistent with photos - hubby traveled a lot and I just tried to keep the kids (and myself) alive and fed. :) It's pretty much survival mode, haha. I am just toast by the end of the day! G, C and myself have also been under the weather this week. Oh well. We still had some fun moments that I captured...

I don't think I can bend like this!

Climbing. All day, every day if I'd let him! Sometimes he says he is doing "pull-ups".
Our happy girl.

She loves sitting in the laundry basket! 

And C usually wants a turn as well. :)

On the one day that we could see our grass this month, DH asked
C if he wanted to go outside. His response "Sandbox." 
I was happy to be inside making dinner!!

Celebrating DH's Birthday! :)

His new fascination - cooking. The measuring cups are the perfect size. 
He says the drawer is his "oven" and he is making "sister's formula" and "eggs."

Fun with Daddy!

Bath time. We don't do this every night, but after months of standing up
and playing with the water from the faucet, C loves bubbles and is 
happy to splash around for a while!

Unplanned matching outfits with Granddad!

We sent this one to the family on a very cold day - 
think happy thoughts of the lake!

All excited and appropriately attired for her godmother's visit!

 more fun with Granddad the next weekend

Must. Not. Let. One. Crumb. Go. To. Waste.

It's our ordinary life... and we are extraordinarily blessed. :)


  1. Fun photos of a beautiful family! The sandbox with hats and gloves definitely made me smile. :)


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