Monday, February 2, 2015

2015 Goals - January review

January was actually a great month! I feel like writing down my goals (and publishing them, haha) really helped me stay focused.

My progress...

1) Intellectual
I finished 3 books! Woo-hoo! I finished Thou Shall Prosper--a good read, and one I told my husband I thought he would appreciate more. Maybe when he finishes his stack, haha! I also finished Eat that Frog! which was very helpful to me. If I get a chance this month, I'll do a little review of that one because I would recommend it to anyone looking to be more productive with their time. Last, I read Jen Fulwiler's book Something other than God. I was really surprised the library actually had it! I read that one in 2 1/2 days. Excellent. I love conversion stories! If you haven't read it, you should. Really. You should. :)

Right now I'm reading (frantically because it's due Friday and I can't renew it - someone else has requested it) Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids. This one I'm taking notes on. It's one I would probably like to own, but I already have a number of parenting books and really don't need any more. So I resolved to take notes as I go along. Again, I'd like to do a review of it once I'm finished.

All in all - 3 books finished and another one will be by Friday. Woo-hoo! I've definitely been spending more of my time in the evening reading.

2) Physical - workouts are between 4-5 a week so that has been going well. Last week I started working on pull-ups using a progression that DH emailed me a while back. I ended up ordering another pair of assist bands to help. I'm alternating M-W-F as pull-up days and T-R as aerobic and other exercises. Saturday and Sundays are now rest days.

In case you are curious about the pull-up progression, it looks like this:
Warm up with something aerobic - I've been doing jumping jacks for about a minute. Then the pull-up warm-up:
10 pull-ups with 4 assist bands
5 pull-ups with 3 assist bands
3 pull-ups with 2 assist bands

Then the actual work-out: 3 rounds of 5 with 1 assist band.

The idea is to work on getting used to the actual movement of the pull-up by using the assist bands. After 5-8 weeks you are supposed to take a break for an entire week.

The 21DSD - we began on Sunday. I am definitely eating WAY more veggies on this! I can only eat 1 piece of fruit per day, and it's limited to either a green-tipped banana, a green apple or a grapefruit. They are much less sweet than other fruits. I am definitely craving sweet things still. I also am not sure I'm eating enough because I'm finding myself really wanting a snack about 2x a day. We'll see how this week goes. I made some granola and while it was good, after we get past the 21 days, I will be making it again with a dash of maple syrup or honey and adding in raisins or cranberries. :) And I am REALLY looking forward to making a dessert for Valentine's day night!

3) Spiritual
I'm going to still focus on Our Lady this month because I'm not where I want to be with this yet.

4) Family
Went to the Science Center once with C - he loved the water activities in the kids area! It was hard to pull him away! Looking forward to going again this month. C has gotten to play outside in the snow a bit, although he mainly just wants to eat it. :)

5) Social
DH & I ran into another adoptive family at church this week - we met the couple briefly a few months ago, right before they were placed, so we are hoping to have them over for brunch later this month. The little boy is so cute, and also African-American... since our parish is mostly caucasian I am looking forward to having more kids who look like ours there!!

6) Career
After getting snowed in twice so that we had to cancel, my former voice teacher and I are getting together for coffee this week. She is also an organist at a local church (not Catholic) but I will let her know I'm available to sub. And hopefully this week after Mass I can chat with our parish music director as well. I've played a little of the piece I want to re-memorize, but not as much as I want to. But I've gotten in a few practice sessions each week, I think.

7) Financial
Month one - no clothing or accessories or shoes purchased for me, not even with my gift cards or Christmas money! I have made a little wish list of things, but no purchases yet. It's not as long as it might have been in prior years because I'm definitely thinking more "do I really need that?"

How are things going for your resolutions/goals?


  1. I need to start & finish some reading.

  2. Way to go! Awesome progress on your goals!

  3. Your book recommendations sound great! I'll just copy and paste those into my "Must Read" list. They all sound fantastic!
    I'm excited for you that there is another similar family for you to get to know and hang out with - l bet the kids will have fun!


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