Saturday, January 31, 2015

Project 365: Days 22-31

Day 22: Hanging out with Papa

Day 23: The donkey sings and dances to "Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch"
Guess who loves to dance with him? :)

Day 24: "I don't need a nap," he said.
(This was after the first nap in his bed. He came downstairs and crashed on the sofa for the second.)

Day 25: Piggies!

Day 27: Napping in G's crib is Sophie. 
C insisted we turn on the monitor to make sure she was doing ok.

Day 28: In addition to Sugar Pie, little lady loves the Rubber Duckie Song!

Day 29: After delicious meal of yogurt and applesauce, G decided she was ready for some solid food.

 Day 29: Also, on this day, mysterious towers began to appear in the house. 
My sister's response to the photo on the right: "He wants a stack of cookies. Coooooookieeees."

 Day 30: The Soup bowl. Brilliant.

Day 31: After a trip to Lowe's with C, Daddy settles
in to pick out a snow blower with G.

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