Thursday, January 8, 2015

2015 Goals

As someone who loves to make lists (and cross things off!) I always enjoy coming up with some resolutions or goals each year. I was trying to come up with categories for areas to work on, when Rachel Cruze posted this video on her FB page: The 7 Areas You Need to Set Goals. If you've been around here for a while, you know how much DH and I appreciate Dave Ramsey and his daughter! :)

Anyway, I had been working on goals in a few areas, and liked her list too, so here goes...

7 Goal Areas for 2015!!!

1) Intellectual
This year one of my goals is to read more - and I have a specific list of books - I wrote down all the samples of books I had on my Kindle. 28 books. Oops. I like checking out book recommendations that other bloggers have mentioned, and the easiest way to see them is the preview option for the kindle. Thank you Amazon! Fortunately, 14 of them are available at our local library, leaving 2 that were free and 11 that I will have to purchase if I get that far. I'm going to start with the library ones, and already have a few on the way! I have always LOVED to read, and I always checked out the max available on my library card growing up. I used to drive my poor mom crazy because she'd call me for dinner, or something else and I just wouldn't even hear her. (DH has experienced that too on occasion. What can I say - I get engrossed and I don't multi-task!)
Right now I'm reading Thou Shall Prosper that Dave Ramsey has recommended a number of times. Also on the above list is Dave's newest book, The Legacy Journey. I'm trying to spend about an hour reading before bed each night instead of staying online. A few others on the list:
Hold on to Your Kids
Eat that Frog
Simplicity Parenting (I have this on my kindle already, but I may borrow the print one too.)
Rena's Promise
The Hiding Place
The Bones of St. Peter
The Honest Toddler
Simplify (only on Kindle)
Clutterfree with Kids (Kindle)
A Mother's Rule of Life

2) Physical
I have been so crappy with regard to my workouts ever since G arrived. No more. Our garage is mostly underground so it actually stays pretty warm in there, and I have no excuses - we have so much equipment. My goal is to do something 5 days a week - and my time slot is right after I put the kids down for their afternoon nap. Today we had snow, and I was outside shoveling for about 1/2 an hour so I sure counted that, haha! DH and I are also going to do the 21 Day Sugar Detox - I'm waiting for the book from the library just to make sure I'm not keeping something in that should be out as we plan to start on Sunday. After all the Christmas cookies I made (and ate), I am looking forward to getting back off sugar. I just do not handle it well, and I feel so much better without it!

3) Spiritual
I'm focusing this month on Our Lady and devotions to her - the Rosary, the Angelus, and other Marian prayers. I'll probably do a new focus each month but I haven't picked each out yet.

4) Family
Get outside more as a family - hopefully we have some fun snow days ahead of us, and also go out and check out some of the activities in our area. We also got a family science center membership and my goal is to get there once a month with the kids. And then there is the Project 365, to photograph my family more (and finish the online photography classes I bought this summer.)

5) Social
Get more involved in the local Catholic mom's group. Maybe have one family over a month for a meal? Still deciding on this with DH.

6) Career
I'm not teaching now, but I want to learn 1 new piece this year. (I'd love to learn 2, but I have to be realistic about practice time!) I also want to re-learn and re-memorize 2 of my favorites and that will take some time. C often asks me to play and sing for him, which is awesome, but I need to keep challenging myself. I also want to talk to a few organists in the area and offer to sub when they need it.

7) Financial
When we moved, our top priority was buying a home with a 15-year mortgage we could comfortably afford. And with the move, we got rid of our last debt other than our mortgage, graduate student loans. I feel good about what we're saving, what we're spending and what we are giving more than ever. I do want to save a bit more toward the kids 529s. And... I do have one personal and BIG challenge this year...

I am not buying clothing, shoes or accessories for an entire YEAR!

I don't remember when I first found Sarah's blog, but I was so inspired by this idea. I also liked how she laid everything out.
  • If something breaks, I can replace it. (Honestly, I have enough options, so I can't really imagine this happening.)
  • If a specific function requires certain attire, I can buy that. For example, I already know I need a bridesmaids dress for my sisters wedding. But she's not requiring specific shoes, so I can wear ones I already have. I am not in my BIL's wedding this summer so I could borrow something "new-to-me" for that or wear something (gasp!) I already have. Haha. 
  • Gift cards and personal WAM do not count - I can use those. But I CANNOT dip into our family clothing budget -that is only for the kids and DH this year! (DH actually needs some new suits, so that is one goal - to save for those!)
I also loved Sarah's List of What She Learned. I think #2 will be so good for me to accomplish the above goals - I rarely go shopping by myself, and even more rarely with 2 small kids, but I often browse online. And Pinterest, ha!

Whew! I don't know that I've ever been this detailed about my goals, but there you have it. :)

What are your goals or resolutions this year? :)


  1. Love this. I had read Sarah's blog post awhile back. She brings up so many good points. I am trying to repurpose as much as I can this year. Making things new by moving them around or repainting making them feel new to us.

  2. Your goals are inspiring me! Love all of them. :) Best of luck! You can def do this!!

  3. These are great! I love anything that leads to challenges that make us stretch or grow and end up making it someplace that we didn't know we could get to.

  4. Amazing goals!
    I also am a big Dave and Rachel fan ~ I heard him talk about the 7 areas of goals on his show, but haven't written anything out yet. Yours are great! I'm getting good ideas.
    I'd love to read "Thou Shall Prosper" - a good reminder to add that to my book list.
    I love your #7 goal and hope it works for you! I'll have to check Sarah out - she sounds lovely!


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