Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Project 365: Days 11-21

Day 11 - this might have been taken on Day 10... but still. 
DH & I drove to and from VA on the 10th to pick up a whole hog and 1/2 a cow. 
Our freezer in the fridge upstairs is fully stocked too. Vegetarians we are not.

Day 12 - so glad for modern technology so we can still say goodnight to Daddy when he travels!

Day 13 - It doesn't matter who feeds her... still not a big fan of the sweet potatoes!

Day 14 - working on longer tummy time with the help of Veggie Tales. 

Day 15 - On his on initiative, C set the table. :)

Day 16- Friday Pizza Night! :) Wonder how long we'll be able to grill outside?

Day 17: Inspecting the fireplace. 

Day 18 - How well do you think that apron protected him?? He LOVED the science center! 
(Thanks aunties, uncle & cousin M)

Day 19 - Patting Memere's little praying bear to put him to sleep. :)

Day 20: First visit to Hobby Lobby ever. SCORE!!!! It's for C's room. 
I went with a nautical theme and this lamp is perfect. 
I've been eyeing the same one on Amazon since the fall - it was almost twice as much there! 
Love Hobby Lobby!!!

Day 21 - Loving the snow! He pronounced it "good" and "tasty."

I think I need to start taking more photos of G!


  1. So precious! Too funny, when my girls were that age all they wanted to eat were sweet potatoes!!

  2. Great photos, but I especially like the last one!

  3. I love how C sets the table!! :-D LOL!!
    Isn't the water such fun for little kids? Luke loves it too. And yes - that apron does not keep them dry in the slightest.
    Oh, Hobby Lobby ~ one of my two favorite stores (the other is Gordmans). I bet C's room is super cute!!


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