Thursday, February 26, 2015

Baby G: 10 months!

I cannot believe that we are so close to the 1-year mark! Baby G is such a delightful baby - she provides so many smiles and giggles each day.

Weight: 18.5 pounds, maybe 19?
Length: About 28 inches... I think! She was wiggling!

Foods: She is still mostly eating formula, and I know C had more solids by now, but we are still waiting on teeth! She loves homemade yogurt, and more recently applesauce, but new tastes seem to make her gag a bit. At first I was wondering if she had a banana allergy, but maybe it was the texture? I'll try it again after we see the doctor for her one-year appointment. She had eaten it several times, then all of a sudden, she would gag and spit up as soon as it was in her mouth. Banana is an odd one, but my nephew has a severe banana allergy, so I started wondering! We shall see. She continues to gain weight and I love her baby rolls, so I know she's getting what she needs!

Health: Had a cold this week, after visiting the library at the end of last week. Sigh. It bugs me when we're in a playroom and there is clearly a very sick child running around. Sorry. Pet peeve. Other than that, her health has been good through the winter! She's in the normal range now so she could be done with her StarBand, but I asked and she still has a bit more room to grow, so we decided to leave it on a few more weeks. Can't wait for unrestricted snuggles!!

Milestones: Lots of ba-ba, da-da, ga-ga sounds! She LOVES it when you repeat her sounds. Ma-ma twice. :) She clicks her tongue and still loves raspberries! No crawling but a ton of lunging forward on her hands. And reaching toward toys!

Likes: Her big brother, except when he's a bit on the rough side. :/ We're working on that. Loves to beat anything she can together- sticks, mini cymbals, blocks, rings, etc. She is just a super laid-back and easy baby. And content!

Sleep: I keep wondering what we did to get such a great sleeper! C has been an insane sleeper as of the last few months- waking up multiple times and trying to come in our room. So G's sleeping all through the night for 12-13 hours is amazing. She's a consistent napper too, a short morning nap-usually 20-30 min, and a mid-afternoon one for 1-2 hours.

Happy 10 months Baby Girl!!!!


  1. I cannot believe she is 10 months already. It seems like just yesterday you all adopted C. She is precious. Oh, and my sensitivity test came back with bananas! However, I can eat them every so often now.

  2. It seems like just yesterday you were announcing her adoption! Wow!! She's so adorable!


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