Tuesday, January 18, 2011

How I Met My Husband

Part 1
Well…. my husband and I met online! Neither of us thought it would really work out that way (meeting someone online), but Our Lord has a pretty good sense of humor…
I had been on the site for about 2 years when he first emailed me. In fact, I had even met one of his friends! (Obviously that didn’t work out. :)) So my husband, finally gave in and joined the site I was on. And apparently, my photo kept showing up under his ‘saved searches’ when he logged on. 
So… on a Sunday evening in August 2006, he wrote to me. It was one of the most thoughtful introductory emails I received. The subject line was even “impromptu prelude” which, as a pianist, I definitely appreciated. :)
I made him wait… 2 days… until I wrote back. He wrote back immediately. I made him wait 2 more. And then… it was emails several times a day until we met in person, 2 weeks later. He drove the 4 hours to take me out to lunch which was the best date of my life, until the second… and third… and it STILL keeps getting better. That first date was wonderful - we had so much in common - most importantly, our faith. He was the oldest of 4 boys, I was the oldest of 5 girls. Our parents were close in age; in fact, both sets of parents had birthdays in June, within a few days of each other. (So now, in the summer, we get both families together for an annual baseball game. Lots of fun!) (And, oh, did I mention that when I opened the door, my first thought was “wow, his photos didn’t do him justice!”) On the way back home from our first date, we stopped at the church where I worked - and I unfortunately had forgotten my keys so we couldn’t stop in for a quick visit. We drove home (literally minutes from the church) ... and I had… yes… forgotten my keys, so I had locked myself outside of house! No one else was at home to let me in! At the time I had O.n.st.ar in my car which I used to remotely unlock the car, get the garage door opener, and get in the house. Neat trick. I think my husband was impressed with O.n.st.ar. :) Anyway, back to the church we went, for a quick visit, and on the way out, he asked me if I had ever driven a manual transmission. “Nope,” was my response, “but I want to learn before I’m 30!” So… he handed me the keys and proceeded to give me a quick lesson around the empty parking lot. :) How thoughtful…. 

We went back to the house, where I played one of my favorite pieces for him (which I later recorded and put in our wedding video). I usually get really nervous playing for people I don’t know, but for some reason didn’t mind playing for him. Hmmm… He even spent time looking at an enormous photo collage that I had put together for my Dad’s surprise 60th birthday party. He got to see a number of pictures of me and my sisters growing up that day!
Two weeks later, after daily emails and phone calls, he was back for another lunch, a concert (given by my piano teacher at the time), Sunday mass and dinner. As he said, it was 4 dates in one… the life version of a crescendo. :)
In the middle of October, he told me he loved me for the first time. PURE JOY!!! And we continued with serious as well as random emails - how do you squeeze the toothpaste tube? Which way does the toilet paper roll go? And a week later, when I went down to visit him for the first time, he asked me “what shapes do you like?” This question was, I thought, out of the blue, so my response was “Shapes? Shapes? What do you mean, shapes?” Him: “You know- oval, circles…”. Me: “Uh… I don’t know. I guess… circles? Wait!!! NO!!! Square! The princess cut!!!”
A few weeks after that, he surprised me for a weekend visit. I thought he was out running errands when he was actually on his way to surprise me, and ask my Dad for my hand. I walked into the kitchen after playing for the Saturday Vigil mass and there he was… my parents and sisters knew - what sneaks!
Two weeks after that, the day before Thanksgiving, he drove up to pick me up - we were visiting his parents for Thanksgiving, and I was meeting another brother, and he met me for noon mass at the Cathedral. We were kneeling in front of the Tabernacle after mass, when he told me he had something for me in the car. I said “Really? (very excited) Should I wait here?” Him: “It’s a pumpkin scone.” Me: “Huh?” (looking quite crestfallen, according to him.) Him: “But I have a card for you.” Me: “OK.” (it was a very nice and mushy card). I turned around to put it in my purse, and when I turned back, there he was with the most beautiful ring. Kneeling in front of the tabernacle…. how awesome is that?!?!?! And by the way, I should mention that it was November 22, the Feast of Saint Cecilia.
End of Part 1.
ps: I do in fact, like all things pumpkin. But, I was not expecting a pumpkin scone. The ring was much better. :-D

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  1. Yes, I'm commenting on every post. What a cute story! My ring is princess too :)


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