Saturday, July 14, 2012

HWFD? Grilled Chicken with Peaches & Arugula

Found this on Pinterest. (I've been trying to start actually making the recipes, not just getting hungry every time I pin one!)

Notes: I didn't actually grill it (we tossed our grill a month or so ago... we need a new one but haven't replaced it yet). It worked fine in a stainless steel pan on the stove. I drizzled the bottom of the pan with a generous amount of olive oil, shook on some salt & pepper, placed the chicken in the pan and topped with onions. The peaches I heated in another stainless steel skillet on the stove. I wasn't watching them and they burned a little - oops! But they still tasted great! The arugula I drizzled with some lemon olive oil, but I'm sure regular would be just fine too.

This was delicious! It's a great summer recipes, especially now when peaches are in season! :)



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