Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Our adoption story, Part 2

After our friends M & D left, DH & I headed to BabiesRUs. We had registered for a few items a while back, and had fortunately picked out the carseat with some help from Amazon ratings and Consumer Reports, but hadn't purchased it yet. While we were driving I called another friend I hadn't seen in a while, and she was so excited to hear the news. I also called my future BIL to make sure it was ok that we stay with him that night, even though we'd most likely arrive after midnight. He answered his phone with "Hello, Mom!"

It was still just so surreal.

We arrived at BRUs and explained the situation to one of the girls at the registry desk. They were really nice and said they would give us our completion discount; we just needed to bring everything up once we were finished and she would scan it into the registry. Interestingly enough, when we registered the girl told us we needed to put in a due date. Her suggestion was May 1st. We had no idea how close that estimate would be!!!

Our SW had given us a simple list of what we would need to bring C home, but we were definitely running around the store like crazy people - completely high on adrenaline - and wondering what on earth we were doing!!! We called another good friend - a mom of 6 - to ask what we would absolutely need for the first week. Changing table. Check. Changing table pads. Check. Sheets. Check. Oh dear - we need a mattress too!. Check. Bottles. Check. DIAPERS!!! Check. We were hurrying as fast as possible (we'd both grabbed protein bars before we headed out, but that wasn't much. I really wasn't even hungry but I knew I should eat something!) so we could get home and pack.

We finally finished up - after a frantic call to my sister once she texted me to make sure I got a pacifier. Simple enough, right? Heavens no, there are hundred of options apparently!! :) I finally got my sister to pick up the phone and she told me the ones they used in the hospital, so we got a pack of those. Finally - it seemed like hours - we were ringing things up and heading out of the store. Our trunk was PACKED. So was the backseat! We'd need to pare down to even fit a 6 pound infant in there! We got home, I got to work cooking up a batch of chicken for us to eat on the road, while DH unpacked the trunk so we could sort through things, as well as set up
the carseat.

Our living room looked like BRUs exploded in it. :)

(That was only about 1/4 of it. :)) And the kitchen wasn't much better!

As the chicken was cooking, I was running up and down the stairs checking on that while trying to pack for us. Thank goodness I had just returned from my retreat and my toiletry kit was still packed! But I had no idea what on earth to wear!!! :)

Finally... we were packed... I didn't completely burn the chicken, yay! ... and we were ready to hit the road. As soon as we got on the highway, I called my parents - talked to my mom a bit more, and then my sister S - she had more advice for newborns. She told me she could help me out for the first 3 days of life and after that I was on my own, haha. :)

DH was driving and finally around midnight we decided we should eat our dinner, ha! At some point we said the Rosary. And finally - sometime around 2, I think, we arrived at T's house. He let us in, gave us a key and told me that yes, I could do a load of laundry! I wanted to wash C's clothes and blankets before he wore them. After getting that taken care of, we went to bed. I seriously had no idea how I was going to sleep, but I eventually did and woke up before my alarm, and immediately the adrenaline kicked in! We had found a church close to the hospital where we could attend mass and still have plenty of time to get to the hospital.

It was still just. so. surreal. Us? On our way to meet and bring home our son? Just like that?

It was the feast of St. Mark. The church had a sign in the parking lot mentioning that the auditorium was named for St. Michael. Thank you, Lord, for that small sign!

We walked into a little chapel where daily mass was held. Unfortunately, we didn't arrive early to talk to the priest, but we noticed that there were several chalices set up off to the side, so I could receive the Precious Blood. Praise God! At the end of mass, while we were finishing up our thanksgiving prayers, DH noticed that we had a message and that we both had missed calls from our SW.

My heart about stopped....


  1. I LOVE THE STORY...thank goodness I already know you brought C home or I could kill you from where you left off!! lol

  2. What a whirlwind! I can't even possibly begin to imagine all the feelings and emotions for those first few days!!

  3. That was clearly an intense few days. I'm with Julie, it's a good thing we know where this goes, or that would just be a cruel place to end it!

  4. I love hearing your story and can't wait for the next part. I registered for the same baby seat. hee hee

  5. Haha I can just picture the mad dash at BRU! Ditto to what the others said about it being good to know you brought him home, otherwise a cliffhanger ending!

    1. P.s. Kudos, I'd have burnt the chicken and said lets go to McDonalds!

  6. I love reading your story.......reminds me of my whirlwind trip to BRU last Friday!! We were certainly running on adrenaline! I agree with Ania.........great job on the chicken! We forgot to eat for almost an entire day!

  7. I feel all hyped up by your adrenaline! :-)
    I can't imagine how much adrenaline you had rushing around ... and I'm so glad you got all the advice you did for everything. How exciting, but STRESSFUL! But, OH-SO-WORTH-IT for that baby of yours!
    Yes ... I can't wait to read part III!


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