Friday, August 17, 2012

Quick Takes

1) I'm so thankful for my DH... he's been working extra hours all week on a project. I am so blessed that he works so hard to provide for me and baby C!

2) 4-month-old hugs are the best. C started wrapping his arms around my neck last night. Amazing. :)

3) While doing laundry this afternoon I discovered a drip... coming out of the ceiling in our basement. Not good. I called the company who redid our kitchen a year ago - not knowing if they would do that type of work, but since we were existing customers, they arranged to have people come by in a few hours. Long story... but they fixed it and next week will come to repair the drywall and I'm sure we're looking at repainting too. The carpet was wet and they pulled it up... hopefully we won't have to replace that. Ahh... the joys of homeownership. It could have been worse though!

4) While we were on vacation, my sister V (the one who was married in June) asked how we would feel about C having a cousin... yup - she's expecting! I have so many emotions regarding this - yes, there is jealousy that it was so "easy". But the overriding emotion since then is joy - gratitude that she and T don't have to go through what DH & I did... thrill at the fact that C will have a cousin so close in age and joy that we will get to raise children together!!! She was so amazing about everything though - giving me a huge hug that really said more than any words she could have spoken. She - and the rest of my family - have lived infertility with me. They know the pain. And they are amazing. I really am so blessed. I would be so grateful if you would keep her and my new niece or nephew in your prayers. She's been feeling a good deal of morning-afternoon-and-evening sickness.

5) We got C one of those jumpers this week now that he's holding his head up pretty well. He was really getting excited tonight in it, and although he can't quite reach the floor, all his wiggling had him bouncing pretty well! Seriously. There is an adorable little boy in my kitchen. There are toys scattered throughout my home. I still have to pinch myself.

6) How do you all do laundry? I used to be a do-it-all-in-one-day kind of girl, but that doesn't happen now! I've started trying to do one load a day, which for the last week or so has been working well. It's reasonable to get one load in the washer, dried, folded and put away. Now if only I could figure out how to keep the kitchen clean...

7) DH and I own a share in a cow. For real. I'm going to make a go at making C's formula. After reading success stories and watching a video that made it look relatively easy, I signed up - bought the share in the cow today (that's what you have to do in VA to buy raw milk) - and tomorrow we'll pick up our first gallon. I have to wait a day or two until I can get the whey, but hopefully in a day or two I'll be able to start making it in the evenings. I'll keep you posted!

Happy weekend, everyone! :)

ps: Apparently you can also make ice cream from raw milk. Since I don't tolerate dairy well - and since many people who can't have "regular" dairy tolerate raw milk just fine... I just may be looking to get that ice cream freezer I've had my eye on since I got married! :)


  1. Yeah for making your own formula! I just posted about it today. Great success for Isaiah!

  2. Interested to hear about this formula making business. Is raw milk ok for babies? I have SO much to learn...

    I know what you mean about that little jealous twinge when ttc goes easier for someone else. You're happy but it's still there. My sister just told me about a friend of hers who married a year ago and will be having Irish twins, even though I'm currently pregnant myself the news was still hard to hear, it's weird.

    1. It is supposed to be very good, from what I've read. I found the recipe on the Weston A Price Foundation website.

      So far, C seems to really like it, even with the cod liver oil! His "output" is much more solid though...

  3. Just be in tuned to your reaction to raw milk... With a casein intolerance, raw milk doesn't always help. As I discovered :(. But if it's a lactose intolerance chances are you'll be fine.

    1. Thanks TCIE... I will be. I had raw milk yogurt this weekend with seemingly no side effects... but I'll wait a bit and try again a few times to make sure.

  4. Cool, GL with the raw milk! Keep us posted! You can't get raw milk here at all, no way no how. :(
    (and don't forget to post pics of C! :) )


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