Monday, May 20, 2013

You're Invited! DC/VA/MD Blogger Meet-up!

If you are in the DC/VA/MD area, please join us to welcome Patiently Waiting and her family to the area! [Or if you are in another location and want to drive in, you are welcome too! :)]

Details so far:

Saturday, July 13th
Time: 12:00 PM -- ??

Location: We're going to meet at a park (we'll figure out a central location once we see who is coming). Please bring your own picnic lunch, and if you like, a dish to share! (I know many of you--me included--have food intolerances or allergies, so if it is easier to just to bring your own food, that is fine!) Spouses and kids are welcome! Those of you with kids, feel free to bring activities or games for them to enjoy.

Please let me know here or on FB if you are interested in joining us!!


  1. Hi! We live in Maryland and I would love to join this meet-up if that's okay! We are free July 13th. Could you leave me a comment at (I'd rather not share my personal email here, although I'm happy to share it with you directly.) Thanks for putting this together!

  2. Boo hoo...I can't believe C is out there with you guys now. I miss her so much around here. She is AWESOME. And I am totally jealous of all the great bloggers that are out in her area now. Hmm...maybe a road trip is in order sometime. :)

    Have fun at the picnic!!!
    Marie (Joy Beyond the Cross) - I am signed in under my other gmail.

  3. Thanks for posting this! So excited to meet you and your family! Hurry up, July 13th. And Marie....we have the spare bedroom all ready to go for you, Greg, and Elizabeth :) Please come join us!

  4. If this meeting were about 2-3 months later...I still owe you an email, sorry its been a busy few weeks! Hope to participate in one of these soon!

    1. Yes! Can't wait until you are out here too!! :)

  5. So fun! I hope we can make it. (as the "token commenter") of the bunch. :)

  6. Can I still come, even though I've been entirely lazy about blogging of late? :D Maybe November and her kidlets could come, too! Our joint blog email is

  7. I would love to come! Count me in! I don't want to leave my personal email here. I think you can get in touch with me through my blog. Let's try that. :)

  8. I'd love to be included! You can reach me at :).

  9. Did I miss the details?? Please let me know - I would live to come!! :)

  10. Boo for working weekends, hopefully I can hang out another time ! Hoping Lillie outgrows her disdain for car seats


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