Monday, November 17, 2014

My sister is engaged!!

I am so excited! My sister R is engaged! Her boyfriend B - now fiance - asked me about a month ago if I would be in on the surprise proposal and photograph it. I was of course, quite happy to go along with it. He surprised her on Friday, after she arrived at his place. Normally she heads straight there after finishing with her kiddos (she's a fantastic PT) and gets ready for their evening out. He drew her a map and left it on the door after writing her a sweet note, and she had to follow the map. It was FREEZING, and while B, his brother (who was filming) and I were dressed appropriately (and still cold!!) , R just came over in her fleece jacket. Crazy girl. :) She obvious said yes, although I think afterward she told him her response had been "of course!"  Here are some of the (100+, haha) photos I captured...

making sure he has the ring (it's GORGEOUS!)
Her map told her to come down the other size of the street,
and I was looking for her in her wool coat, haha. :)
Seeing B...
Happy girl. (I started getting teary-eyed right about here. I'm a sap!)
He was looking mighty nervous up until about this point :)

Will you?
Yes!!!!! (or "of course"!!!!)

Get that ring on my finger!! 
Oooooh.... :-D 
So happy :)

Congratulations R & B! Love you both so much!

Now let's start planning that wedding! ;)


  1. How fun! Exciting that you got to be there for it!

  2. That is so exciting! Such beautiful pictures!! :)


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