Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Happy Easter! and Adoption decisions :)

Happy Easter! It was a great weekend all around - DH and I were able to participate in all the liturgies at church beginning on Holy Thursday. A few years before I met DH, I began doing the 7 church walk after mass. Have any of you ever done that? One year, when I was visiting a friend in Rome for Easter, we ended up visiting 12 churches. It's really easy over there! :) But, we've stuck to 7 here - it takes about 2 hours after the Mass is over and by then many of the churches are closing. It's really beautiful. The last church we ended up at has a large his.panic population and there are so many in the chapel singing many hymns of adoration. I don't have any idea what they're saying, but it's beautiful. :) It's very peaceful - but somehow not - as the prelude to Good Friday. Good Friday we made it over for Stations, then went back for the Liturgy at 3:00. In between those I made cupcakes for Saturday night (they turned out really cute), but it wasn't the best choice when fasting!! :-D

On Saturday afternoon my sister and her boyfriend came to visit with us to celebrate Easter. Sis still lives in Pittsburgh and her boyfriend moved closer to us - but unfortunately further from her. It was good to spend time getting to know him - as things are moving along nicely - and he seems like a really great guy. A strong Catholic, as are his parents and siblings. He's been a good influence on my sis and I'm really happy for her! :) We all went to Mass together Sunday morning together and came back to the house ... and we pretty much sat around and ate the rest of the day! I ate waaaaay too much sugar (and I should really STOP munching on these jelly beans sitting in a bowl next to me, haha) but it was all delicious. I can't eat a lot of sugar anymore without feeling sick though. (This is another post someday, but DH and I have been following the Zo.ne diet for a year now and I can't go too far outside it without feeling yucky. I know it's a good sign, but I used to be a champ when it came to sweets!)

Other news... we've finally chosen our Adoption agency! We contacted them last week and received the application and began working on it. It's not that long, but we do have to contact a few friends we want to use as references. The SW mentioned that we could send in 2 separate checks - one for the application and the other for the H.S. so we can begin right away which is fine with us. We plan to finish it this weekend and send it in early next week. Hooray!!! :) I'm anxious to get started. Even though we may be able to conceive now that everything is "normal" inside, we both really feel called to grow our family through adoption.

Happy Easter to you all!


  1. Ok so we did the 3 church walk :) And we stopped at your church (but you were already on to another by then, I'm sure-- but I thought of you).

    This is so exciting about the agency! Wonderful!

  2. Darn - sorry we missed you! Yes- we were really moving so we could get to the churches before they closed. Happy Easter! (And I just sent you an email.)

  3. YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So happy you've taken this huge step!!!


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