Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Several wonderful bloggers have posted lately about nutrition, and they are all excellent. :) Hopefully later this week I'll get my thoughts organized to post some of my own thoughts, but in the meantime, I thought I'd start by writing about what really got me into viewing food in an entirely different manner.


I LOVE it. :)

I've always been someone who likes working out. Not the sweating part of it, haha, but the feeling of accomplishment, the energy and the feeling that I've burned off those ice cream calories! :) I did some swimming during the summers in middle school, and then I ended up studying Tae K.won Do for many years. TKD was definitely my favorite - lots of variety and fun to boot. [In case you are wondering, I earned my second degree black belt. :)] I haven't been to a class since moving from my hometown, but if we ever move back to that area, I definitely want to pick it up again. I've also worked with personal trainers and belonged to a gym, like many others who are looking to get fit, or to stay in shape. Since getting married, though, I've been working out at home.

About a year and a half ago, DH came home from work talking about Cross.Fit, a core strength and conditioning program. One of his colleagues, it turned out, is a certified Cross.Fit trainer. DH began looking at the CF website and finally decided to try one of the daily workouts that are posted on the site. After just one, I could tell he was hooked. Already we had essentially turned our garage into the workout room (my dream of a car parked in there long gone), and we had some modest equipment: a stationary bike, an elliptical, some weights and benches. He would often go down to his man cave the garage after work to get in a nice workout, normally lasting about 45 minutes. His first CF workout lasted half as long... and I'd never seen him look so exhausted. This from a life-long soccer player and exercise and sports enthusiast. After a few weeks, I was intrigued too. He didn't spend as much time working out, but the quality of each workout was far superior to anything both of us had been doing. And so I began...

So why do I like it? First and probably foremost - I'm not bored. Day after day of the same workouts in the gym or running on a track and I'm literally ready to throw in the towel. I want variety! CF definitely has that. I've learned all about cleans, jerks, snatches and burpies. Some of the main highlights are Olympic weightlifting and gymnastics. For Christmas DH received a pair of olympic gymnastic rings, now hanging from our pull-up rack in the garage. I have a new appreciation for those olympic gymnasts!!Second - I want to be challenged and  see results. [I'm a classic "pear" and certainly parts of me have never been in better shape, haha. :)] I believe it's due to the compound and functional movements plus high intensity at the heart of CF. And I do a lot tons ridiculous amounts of squats. Read more about this here. I never saw results like this with isolation movements at the gym.

The workouts are sometimes insane, but fortunately can be scaled to my current level. Starting out, I use light weights until I can do the exercise well with proper form. I also like that some of the workouts are really short. For example "in 5 minutes, do as many rounds as you can of X, Y, and Z." Occasionally workouts are repeated and you can look to your previous time/weight to see growth.

If you're interested in reading more, I'd recommend the following articles:
Understanding Cross.Fit
What is Fitness?

If you get hooked like me, I'd love to hear about it! :)

ps: There is a website for expectant mothers - just goo.gle CF mom.


  1. This is interesting! I haven't heard about this before, so I'm going to check out your links. Ironically, we just started a gym membership yesterday! LOL
    I'm so glad you have found exercise fun to do! I'm still working on that ......

  2. Oh good - I hope you find them helpful! You can use the equipment at the gym if you decide to do any of the CF workouts, I would have done that if we didn't have equipment at home. At least there you don't need to worry about equipment maintenance. :)

  3. I love working out and have never heard of CF! I'm going to check it out! Although, the biggest problem is that I have the hardest time working out at home. I'm always thinking I should be doing something else! But I'm very intrigued by the expectant mom part of it. Googling now!

  4. Nicole - I was thinking of you when I added the expectant mom part! :) I like how they address the different trimesters.

  5. Girl- you are motivated!!!! I don't even work out!!! food I can handle...working out? No thanks!!! :) You're so awesome!


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