Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Adoption Ed class

Well... I had hoped to be blogging about how even more prepared I'm feeling right now, but the hurricane last week interrupted plans to head south to the education class. So... DH & I rescheduled for the 16th. You-know-where is going to have to freeze over before I reschedule again! :)

I assume that's when we'll learn about the Dear Birth.mother letter and photo album. I also know that our agency does some kind of DVD. I assume it's for the birthparents to view... so I'm going to have to overcome my strong dislike of how I look and sound on videos! :) Maybe I could just play the piano instead. I'd feel better about that - ha! :)

I'm really excited about the upcoming weekend. We're having a surprise 25th party for both my twin sisters, V&R (birthday) and aunt & uncle (anniversary). The twins were born 2 days after the wedding. On their wedding video (my dad was the "official" videographer), he zoomed in on my mom (being watched like a hawk by his mom) who proudly announced "I made it!". Apparently her doctor told her she was NOT to go to the wedding as she was already showing signs of labor. She did NOT pass that information on to my Dad however... She probably also wanted to see me and my sister, S, as flower girls. She even made our dresses! Yup, my mom is amazing! :)

Anyway... aunt and uncle think it's only a party for the twins and the twins think it's a party for aunt and uncle. At least, we hope they have no idea! V's boyfriend, T, is the one who had the idea. The twins also don't know DH and I are coming in for the weekend. I'm not sure if he wants us to tell them ... would it ruin the surprise for Saturday (the party) or would it throw them off track to think we are the surprise in case they do suspect something? T is in town for work tomorrow and DH and I are meeting him for dinner. Maybe he'll tell us what he'd like us to do...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE surprises! Seriously, I get practically giddy. :-D

Also... an update from my appointment with Dr. S. He pretty much said to keep on with everything we're currently doing. He said I really have to try to "re-set" my clock to "trying since this past surgery" rather than over four years. It's... hard. He does want me to get a follicular ultrasound series done, although this cycle wouldn't have worked out. Maybe this next one? I need to talk again to the fertility clinic that said they'd accept me on kind of an "out-patient" basis to make sure they are open to do scans on weekends.

I'm adding licorice root to my diet to help with adrenal fatigue. I got some tea, which is delicious!  I'm still trying to find out if I should be taking a pill form or the tea form.

Same meds though - Fem.ara on CD3, Estra.diol & Prom.etrium on P3-P12 and Amoxi.cillan on CD11-15. CM was okay this cycle... not quite as good as last month when I also took the Mucin.ex. I forgot to ask him if I could just take the Amoxi.cillan, but did it anyway. I'll probably add the Mucin.ex again next cycle. Anyone take B6 for this? How much? I take an extended release tab, I think it's 200 mg, 1x day. Should I be taking more?

Happy Tuesday everyone! :)


  1. The surprise party sounds like so much fun!! I don't have any advice on the B6, sorry, but I do think you could/should play the piano on your adoption video! That would be neat and it's a part of who you are!

  2. I do 500 mg sustained release b6 once a day.

  3. I too am very critical about how I look and sound on video. It would be so neat if you were able to play the piano on the video! Maybe it would relax you a bit and the rest of the video will be a cinch?

    Good luck at the class, and have fun at the surprise party!!

  4. The surprise party sounds like so much fun!

    Resetting one's IF clock is so tough. If I were to go by my last surgery it's only been 2 years, not six. Either one is depressing, if you ask me!

  5. Yes, totally incorporate the piano in somehow...! :) Best wishes with the class...I hope the 16th is here before you know it.

  6. Your surprise party sounds like a great time! What a great idea for getting everyone together!!
    I do like IMHPFP does and use 500 mg of sustained release B6 once a day, in addition to the Ammox and Mucinex. When I just took the B6 alone (or the Mucinex & the B6 together), I didn't notice any change in my CM, if that helps. I think the Ammox. works the best for me.


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