Thursday, October 20, 2011

Thankful Thursday

1) First, thank you Rebecca for hosting these! Thankful Thursdays along with today's post by the lovely Lauren are a great reminder that we all have much MORE to be grateful for than we usually think...

2) My wonderful, amazing husband. (He's always going to be at the top of my list). He's compassionate, caring, generous, thoughtful, hard-working and the bestest friend ever. I'm so lucky to be his wife!!

3) All of you bloggers... your comments on my last post gave me so much hope... and I don't feel quite so alone now. THANK YOU!!

4) Our agency... AFTH. We're having a class this Saturday for waiting parents, and the topic is relationships with birthparents. There will be (I think) 2 birthmothers along with the adoptive families there to talk with us. I'm really looking forward to it. And hopefully, we're soon to receive our home study approval. The next job is to complete our profile book and video. Then we're "in the books"!

5) Ahhh... it's that time of year. It's fall. Which means football season. GO STEELERS! And hockey season. GO PENS!!! :-D

6) I'm thankful for the challenge of a dairy-less pizza. I just started trying to go without dairy 2 weeks ago, and have noticed a bit of a difference already. It's essentially paleo- meats, fish, eggs, and lots of fruits and veggies. Nuts and good oils for fats. We'll see. Obviously, I'll never go back to gluten, but dairy I may end up cheating on every now and then!! So anyway, tomorrow's pizza will be topped with fresh tomatoes, spinach, green peppers, sausage and maybe a bit of onion. I'm going to stick with my GF dough, since I still have a ton of packages left!

7) A wedding date (my mom's birthday!), church, reception hall, and dress for my sister V's wedding. She found the dress when I was visiting a few weeks ago. She looks BEAUTIFUL!! :) Please pray that she finds a photographer soon! :)

What are you thankful for today?


  1. Thank-you for joining me :).

    It was so hard to consider going GF and I still cheat occassionally (like tonight's pizza from a local pizzeria), but for the most part it is much easier than I anticipated.

  2. I have goat and sheep's milk cheese even though it makes my belly a bit sore, but nothing like cow's milk! I will never go back to eating gluten though!

  3. Although I live in Minnesota, my "home" is PA. Go Pens! Go Steelers!

    I think you will love the meeting with the birthmothers. I fell in love with the birthmothers that spoke at our meetings. Truly courageous young woman that made difficult choices.

  4. Enjoy the class you're going to tomorrow - it sounds informative, and really personally connective. What a blessing that you can interact with birthmoms and other adoptive families!!

    And your pizza sounds delicious, even without cheese!! My husband and I gave up dairy for Lent a few years back, and cheese is definitely what I missed the most.

  5. What an experience to visit with 2 birth mothers! I'd be so very interested in what they say. They truly are courageous women!

  6. Thanks Ladies! :) It was a good class - the birth moms were unable to make it, but one sent a beautiful letter telling us what a blessing open adoption was, and there were 3 adoptive families there. One family had adopted 2, and were looking to soon add a third!

    JB - I'll have to try the goat's cheese, maybe that would work!

    PW - I still consider Pittsburgh my "home". My DH loves it too and we hope to move back someday. Do you still have family there?

    The pizza was very good, but the toppings didn't want to stay on without the cheese, haha. I think it was more like breadsticks with sauce (very tasty) with the extra bonus of sausage and green peppers. :)


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