Friday, December 16, 2011

To the left of the zeros...

Thank you all so much for your prayers and comments on my last post... I'm feeling much better today. Yesterday was still somewhat tough, but not as bad as Wednesday. Sometimes I feel like I handle CD1 okay... others, well... as you could see, not so much. Your prayers were most definitely felt!! I am grateful.

Today during Mass I started remembering a point from The Way by St. Josemaria.
Cast away that despair produced by the realization of your weakness. -- 
It's true: financially you are a zero, in social standing another zero, 
and another in virtues, and another in talent...
But to the left of these zeros is Christ... And what an immeasurable figure it turns out to be.

I'm going to put a big fat ONE in front of the 50% that Dr. S. gave me after my last surgery. Take that, IF!!! :) 

Now, my mood just might have also been helped by a successful shopping outing this morning signifying that I'm done with Christmas shopping. Battling it out in the mall that is. I have a few more gift cards to get, but they're easy. 

And.... it could also be helped by these:

Arrived yesterday. Actually comfortable. Got them for over 70% off.

At least my mood, anyway. ;)

Happy Friday everyone!

ps: At the mall, I was really surprised by how many people actually wished me a Merry Christmas! Awesome!! :)

For you, Kerry... (yes, I am slightly obsessed with peep-toed little numbers right now!! These can be found at White House Black Market.)


  1. I. LOVE. THOSE. SHOES. Please do share where you ordered them from?! Please?


    So glad you are feeling better, I will forever be in awe of these crazy hormones, it is unbelieveable just how horrible I can feel one day and a few days later so much better. It's all part of this roller coaster I guess.

    Enjoy your weekend.

  2. Rebecca- they're from Banana Republic. And today there is 30% off sale online! :)

  3. Love those shoes! Glad you're feeling better! I should put a big fat 1 in front of the 40% Dr. H gave me after my surgery! Thanks for the advice!

  4. Ok, could you please post a pic of the RED shoes you wore Saturday.....they were amazing!!!!! :)

  5. Kerry... for you, I will post the shoes ;) Love you!

  6. I absolutely love that quote, thanks for sharing!

    Cute shoes! :)

  7. So glad you're feeling better!

    Love the shoes! I wore a similar pair of the black ones the other night (from DSW.) But those red ones, oh my! :) I'm a shoe girl too!

  8. LOVE the shoes, especially the red pair.

    I have to admit that I have bought more than one pair in an IF funk. :)

  9. Great deal on those awesome shoes! I am glad you are feeling better. Let's kick infertility's butt in 2012, okay?!?!?

  10. Both pairs of shoes are awesome!! You're totally right that a pair of shoes can change your mood.

    I'm so sorry you've been down lately, but I love your attitude in this post!

  11. LOVE the shoes! (I'm a little late commenting here.) I'm glad you are feeling better ... and I hear ya about up and down emotions. IF Sucks!
    Glad you're done with Christmas shopping! That would make me SUPER happy! (I hate crowds.)


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