Monday, April 22, 2013

C is ONE!!!

We had a lovely brunch with friends yesterday to celebrate C's birthday (today!!) and Gotcha Day (Thursday). C's godparents, M & D came, along with our neighbor and his daughter (his wife was out of town) and fellow blogger Kerry (our volunteer photographer!) and her lovely family. (Hi K, and thanks for the awesome photos!!)

Without further ado... here is our ONE-YEAR-OLD!!!

simple decoration of blocks! :)

Table setting - I kept it simple with just some flowers
and personalized place settings.

Awesome neighbors - helped assemble the crib when we brought C home!

Kerry's daughter... who shortly after this photo was taken,
announced that she and C were getting married.
I'm just getting used to having a toddler and already he's engaged!!

Shortly before cake... not so happy :)

Tickles help!

This is his "Oh no!" pose... hmmm....

A taste of the icing

Not so happy

I don't really like this, Mom.
What is this?!? Where's my birthday smoothie?
My sister R said that C needed to have a smash cake when I explained that I wasn't doing cake but instead making him a birthday smoothie. (I've never really liked cake myself, but she insisted.) I made these Paleo Brownies because I didn't want to make him anything with sugar. He only ate the lick of icing I gave him, and then a spoonful that my hubby gave him, and with the spoonful he got really upset. He preferred the strawberries instead!! I guess Paleo is working since he gobbles down his breakfast smoothies with cod liver oil in them!?!

I love reading!

Kerry and her awesome family :)
I wouldn't have a blog without her! Love you, K!

My sweet ONE-YEAR-OLD!!!

Happy Birthday, C!!! You are SO LOVED!!!!


  1. Happy birthday C!!!! I love that last picture - it just captures C's personality so well :).

  2. I'm in a blog! I'm on a blog!
    I'm not just a weird comment leaver/lurker!

    Happy birthday to the sweet boy the faces he made at the smash cake. :)
    What a lovely party. :)

  3. Awww happy birthday and gotcha day to C! So cute!:)

  4. Happy First Birthday to your son! He's so cute!

    And I love Kerry too! She's great and needs to start her own blog, wouldn't you agree?

  5. Happy Birthday, C!!! <3 You are ADORABLE! I just love the 1 that you made out of pictures! I'm going to try that with 2 ... what a difficult number shape. :-) LOL
    Luke didn't like his cake either. Adorable family photos!
    Happy Gotcha Day, C!

  6. Yay, congrats to C and his parents! what a big milestone! what a cutie :)

  7. really adorable!! I love the one year old pic in the back! Happy Birthday!!

  8. Happy Birthday C and may God bless you always :)


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