Wednesday, April 24, 2013

One Year Ago today...

We got The Call!!

This little guy was waiting for us!

I would say it seems like it was yesterday, but he's almost 25 pounds. :)


  1. OMGoodness...I remember your post! It does seem just like yesterday. Happy Birthday little guy!!

  2. That´s the most wonderful call!! Blessings :)

  3. I will say it seems like it was just yesterday - praying for you all morning, hoping with you! Oh, I'm so glad she picked you - C is awesome!

  4. That was a fast year! I remember the waiting and then reading the post you just linked up to.
    He is so precious!!

  5. So fun to reflect back on a year and all the changes that have taken place since that special time. 25 You've got a good eater on your hands.

  6. This makes me overjoyed remembering celebrating with you! :-D


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