Monday, January 20, 2014

Bauble Bar - some pretty bling!

Have you seen the site Bauble Bar? I typically do not wear a lot of jewelry, but I've come to appreciate how it can really bring outfits to life. I am often in jeans and a simple sweater, top or tee, so when I head out of the house, I like to add a little scarf or some bling to look a bit more pulled together. I think Bauble Bar has some reasonably priced selections.

This necklace is the one I just purchased using Christmas money - I love the deep blue/purple color and wore it this weekend with a white dress shirt and black skinny pants and boots:

Cabochon Blossom Necklace 

It comes in a deep pink color as well, but sadly, it is now on their wait list!

These I like too:
Fuchsia Layered Petals Bib Necklace

Navi Blossom Bib
Mini Hex Strand

Have you found any great websites for reasonably priced jewelry? Do you like statement necklaces?


  1. Thanks for sharing! Great finds!

  2. Love all of these!

    I've bought statement necklaces from this site, and they're great quality -

    1. Thanks Stephanie - I'll check it out! :)

  3. NO I did not know about this website! I love all of these! I will blame our upcoming cc bill on you:-). Thanks for sharing!


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