Monday, October 27, 2014

October Fun - 2.5 and 6 months!

It's so hard to believe, but our sweet girl is 6 months as of Saturday! She is such an amazing baby - she's calm and rarely fussy except when she's hungry and we're not moving fast enough to get the bottle, and if she's tired or has a messy diaper. Other than that, she's very low-key.

6 months old!
He keeps poking at her cheeks to "help her smile"
C often asks to hold G. It's so sweet. And he never wants to let her go!
Sometimes she grabs his ear, which makes him laugh.

We had fun this past weekend at the pumpkin patch - C loves pumpkins lately and points them out anytime he sees one. :) Here are some shots of our afternoon:

picture of all of us looking at the camera? nope.

he cracks me up :)
He wanted nothing to do with riding in the wagon until we pulled it all the way back down to the car.
At the car he wanted to get in. DH let him ride in it back to the drop-off. Toddlers. :)

Thank goodness for continuous shooting mode so I have a chance of getting at least a few good shots! :) I also purchased a few mini pumpkins and gourds for decorations. C decided that one of the pumpkins needed to take a nap with him. Into the bed it went! Again, toddlers. :)

Stats for G at 6 months:
Still a little peanut but I'm loving her chubby cheeks and chubby thighs! :) Weight - around 14 pounds I think? We'll see in 2 weeks. Still loving her homemade formula but going to try sweet potatoes this week to see how she does! She eats between 6 and 7 oz, 4 times a day. Twice in the morning, once after her afternoon nap, and right before bed. Sleeps - FANTASTIC. I cannot imagine a better baby. She takes a quick 20-30 minute nap mid-morning, another nap in the afternoon for 2 1/2-3 hours and goes down for the night between 7-7:30. And she sleeps ALL night. 12-13 hours usually. She's been doing since almost 3 months old. I wish I was a little more disciplined to go to bed earlier to take advantage of it, haha. :) She's gotten much better at tolerating tummy time, and has been rolling over to her back for a while now, and is so close to rolling from back to tummy. I thought she might have once, but then I wasn't sure if C "helped"! She loves to lay on her back on her play mat. She's been sitting in the high chair next to us at dinner which she seems to like more than the bouncer. Maybe she wanted to be at our level? Like her brother, she's been super healthy, but also like her brother, she is going to need a helmet. She started developing a flat spot around 2 months, and despite repositioning, she has a pretty substantial flat spot. We had it evaluated last week and hopefully will get her star band later this week or early next. Of all the things to be upset about, this is definitely not one of them. I'm going to miss the close snuggles, but cannot complain after seeing what so many parents go through with their children. Also of note, we also had our home study meeting this morning - we had to update our home study since we moved, and we are praying that our attorney will be able to file for finalization in early November. In PA we have to appear in court for finalization (we didn't have to appear in VA), and we are then praying for a court date before the end of the year! This morning's meeting went really well! We have been so fortunate with our agency.

Stats for C at 2 1/2 years:
Height - 3 feet. Weight - pretty steady around 33/34 pounds. Potty training- we tried a few weeks ago, but he was definitely not ready for underwear. He was happy to sit on the potty, get up and wash his hands, then sit back down, but nothing in the potty yet. Since we were using a kids seat on the big potty, I bought kids potty to see if he likes it better. When we brought it home he wanted his underwear, but it was right before nap time so that was out. Our weekend schedule is pretty light in a few weeks so we may try again then when DH & I can both be home all day. Things he likes - hockey (playing with Daddy), soccer (he and Daddy often play after work while I'm getting dinner ready), and taking walks outside. He loves picking up rocks and sticks, and the sticks are still often his "cello bow". He still is content to sit and listen to music - or me play the piano - and "play cello." He found my claves and drumsticks last week and those have entered into the "cello bow" rotation. :) He eats and eats and eats - he has so much energy and loves to dance around. His vocabulary and comprehension is soaring - it's amazing the things he remembers- just the other day he asked me if I remembered something about the old house (in VA). More than anything he loves seeing his aunties and Grandma and Granddad, and Nana and playing with some of my youngest cousins (one is 5 years older than him!). He has his toddler moments - the lightning changes in mood can drive me crazy :) - but overall is just a very happy kid and it is so fun to see him grow and change. He also loves going to Mass - tells me he's taking my keys and car to "go to church". He can say the Our Father without prompting, and most of the Hail Mary and Glory Be. He can never go down for a nap or bed without saying his prayers, and he loves the Guardian Angel prayer too. He finds Crosses everywhere. He saw one as part of the stairwell in a church we visited recently and went over to kiss it. Oh, he melts my heart!!

Happy 6 months and 2 1/2 years to our sweet kiddos! Time is moving so quickly!!

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