Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Follicular Ultrasound Series... Round 3

So this round is proving to be even more interesting than the last 2! Daily trips to PA began yesterday, and I'll probably have to continue going through next Monday-ish. Yesterday (Tuesday) there was quite a bit of excitement. On Monday I decided that it would probably be a good idea to have one of the nurses at Dr. S's office administer my HCG shot the first time around since I was pretty nervous about doing it right. It was a good idea, but I forgot to actually call the office to ask. So Tuesday morning I was trying to get in touch with them on my drive up to see if it was possible (I had the goods with me). Of course, since I had no idea what my follicle size would be, I wasn't even sure if I would need to get it that day. I told them I'd call afterwards to see what the size was. At the appointment I had a tech I'd had before, but only once. (Most of them know me by name now!) She told me she saw 5 follicles (yay!) and one was bigger than the others. At the end of the appointment she told me it was 2.2, almost 2.3 cm. I think I asked her 3 times to confirm it was that big. As soon as I got out, I called Dr. S's office again, and they said to come on over. The nurses in the fertility care office were not going to be there until 2 pm... and I could not afford to wait. So, one of other nurses was super nice, and explained everything in detail to me (although she was following the directions since she had never done it) so I could repeat it next cycle if necessary. I got the shot, it wasn't painful at all (she put it in my stomach - I thought that would hurt a lot, but I could barely feel it. It was just slightly itchy afterwards, for a few minutes). No problem... I can do this on my own!

When I got home, I called and emailed the office because I realized I had no idea when I was supposed to go back for the next scan. One of the nurses called later in the afternoon and said I would need to go this morning (Wed) and daily until the follicle (hopefully!!) ruptures.

A little while later she called to clarify some things....

My 2.2-2.3 cm follicle? Nope... that measurement was my ovary. My follicle was 1.7. The size needed for the HCG trigger shot was 1.9. Uh... oops!! But, it became somewhat of a comedy of errors when she informed me that the nurse had given me a diluted version... 1/10th of what I was supposed to receive. Apparently, it wasn't a big deal, because a small dose of HCG can be used to help a follicle grow. But, it was a big deal because I could no longer use what I had and needed to get more for a full dose.

So... last night I was frantically trying to get ahold of a compound pharmacy to see if they could overnight the HCG should I need it today. No luck... they were all closed by the time everything was figured out at the office and the nurses were able to get back to me. And I was kind of stuck until the scan this morning which would reveal if the follicle had grown enough for the full dose HCG.

The scan this morning showed the follicle was not quite 1.9 cm yet. Whew! And I was able to order another round of HCG (overnight fees being $30ish, ouch) to be delivered tomorrow.

I have no idea what is going to come out of this cycle, but despite all the chaos, I think I'm handling it fine. I keep reminding myself that the goal is worth it. And prayer buddy, I'm offering it all up for you!!!!

And to my prayer buddy... please pray that the HCG arrives tomorrow as planned and that the follicle grows and ruptures just like a good little follicle should! :)


  1. You do sound like you are handling things well. Prayers that the little extra HCG helps that follicle do it's thing :).

  2. Oh goodness!!

    I'm praying for you!!! And that follicle to rupture!!! ;)

  3. Wow! I am so amazed at how positive you sound after having another u/s series! I hope everything works out with the HCG!

  4. Thank you so much for sharing this. I will be starting my series next week and it is always helpful to hear about the experiences of others. I am thinking that the little "extra" HCG may be a good thing. Quick question....Isn't the HCG trigger shot given IM? Good for you if you have muscles in your abdomen! I will have to ask them to give it to me in my butt muscle (I guess). Praying for a cooperative follicle (or follicles) for you! You are doing great! Hang in there.

    1. Sorry... I'm missing what the abbreviation "IM" is? From what I was told, I could get the shot in either arm, my abdomen or in the tops of my thighs. I originally thought it was supposed to be in my rear, but that wasn't an option in my instruction sheet.

    2. I am so sorry. I didn't mean to be confusing. IM=Intramuscular. I am honestly not sure how the HCG trigger shot is given. When I was on the HCG post peak it was given SQ (subcutaneous) so anywhere you can pinch some fat. IM is typically in a large muscle...rear, thighs, etc. I have no idea if the trigger shot is IM or SQ. Regardless, follow your instruction sheet. I hope that follicle is continuing to behave! Hang in there :)

  5. My goodness! What a trooper! Praying that everything falls into place!

  6. Oh gheez! I would be losing my mind!! Praying it all works out!

  7. You are a trooper. Continued prayers...

  8. Wow! How crazy!
    Your third U/S series. You are a trooper, woman! :-)


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