Sunday, March 25, 2012

Not looking good... UPDATED AGAIN

UPDATE 3/27:
The scan this morning showed that the follicle on the left (and as I understood from the technician), and one on the right were more complex. I don't know if this means they bleed internally, but I have another LUF cycle. On both the Cytotec and the HCG injection. I'm not sure what to think... emotionally I've been a wreck these last few days. I knew in my heart on Sunday when the follicle hadn't ruptured that I was going to have another LUF. Poor DH has been putting up with a lot. I didn't even bother with eye makeup this morning since I knew it would be gone before I got up to PA. Ugh. I do have to go for another scan tomorrow, as Dr. S asked that I go twice to see what happens the second day. The nurse said that they are treating several women at the office who are having LUFs. It sounds like they are trying to figure out what to do with us. I'm going to continue doing more research on them and the treatment of them (have any of you been successfully treated by Dr. H for these?) and DH and I will be doing a lot of talking in the next few days about what to do next. I know at least in May and June I'll be taking a break; with so many family plans going on those months. I won't be able to get in with my new doctor until July. Prayer buddy, please pray for our discernment on how to proceed! Thank you to all of you though, for your kind comments and prayers. I know I'd be even worse off if it weren't for you! :)

UPDATE 3/26: The scan this morning showed the follicle was still there. In fact, there were 2 on my left ovary and 2 on my right. I'm going up to PA again tomorrow...

What an insane weekend. First, when DH and I left mass on Saturday morning, we were driving his car. Not a mile from the church, his car stalled at a light. It was really bizarre. We ended up pulling into a parking lot - it wouldn't hold an idle - and then ended up taking it to the car place near our house.... where my car was! I had dropped it off for an oil change on Friday night. It took them about an hour - including a delay for an oil filter that they didn't have in stock. I was going insane. First, because I was trying desperately to find a phone number for the outpatient imaging clinic I was going to - I don't even know how many numbers I tried before finally giving up. I even called the hospital in the hopes that they could give me a number. All I got was the generic recording about making appointments and the hours from Monday thru Friday. I knew that the clinic closed at 12. I also knew they would call if I hadn't shown, but the only number they had was our home number. NOT my cell. Arghhhh!! I knew I could go to the hospital for a scan if I didn't make it... which we didn't. We arrived at the imaging center 10 minutes before it closed to find out that the tech had just left. We went to the hospital... and waited an hour and a half. The tech who would have done my scan at the outpatient clinic ended up coming it to do it because they were so bombarded with ER patients.

The scan showed that my follicle had shrunk, and there was a bit of a ring around it... which she thought indicated it would rupture soon.

This morning (Sunday, CD15) the scan showed that the follicle had grown. It was under 2.0 cm on Saturday morning... today it was over 3.0. Well, that explains the pains I was feeling most of yesterday afternoon and evening, but I guess they weren't ovulation pains.

I'm really thinking its going to be another LUF.

Today was not a good day. I think if it weren't for all your prayers, and knowing that I'm not in this alone, I would have gone insane. As it is, I know I am so blessed to have an amazingly understanding husband who is. my. rock.

Prayer buddy... I'm offering this up for you!!

And to my prayer buddy... please pray that whatever I see tomorrow, I will have peace. I don't have much right now.

And, one question - any of you that have taken an HCG injection before, did you have crazy anger/depressive mood swings? Obviously, it could be that it looks like I'm not ovulating - that's enough to drive any IF girl nuts, when all signs have indicated for years that I am... but still, even DH said "Where is this coming from??"

More tomorrow...


  1. Arrg!! How frustrating! Praying for your emotions and for no LUF.

    And we were at the car place yesterday dropping a ton of money on brakes, and it was the place by weird if we were both there! (we were there in the later morning, prob when you were on the road)


  2. My heart sank when I saw your title - but still, I think there is hope for your follie. I sure hope for that and for NO luf.

    Hugs and prayers to you.

  3. Ughhh....I am sorry you are experiencing all of this! Let's hope for a late ovulation and no signs of the LUF tomorrow. I know exactly how you feel. After multiple surgeries I was ready to move on and not have to deal with a new diagnosis. As we have said before, we are in this together. Please e-mail or reach out if you want to chat. My trigger shot is in the next few days.....(hopefully).

  4. Argh! How frustrating!!!!

    Continued prayers for you!

  5. Man, how frustrating! Hang in there! We're all praying for you!

  6. I'm so frustrated for you!!! Sending lots of prayers your way.

  7. So frustrating!! I am so sorry. Praying for ya! When I was on HCG I think it actually improved my moods.

  8. I am so sorry that you are going thru this follicle drama. Praying that the follicle ruptures & it won't become a LUF.

  9. Ugh yuck! If you find yourself in Pa more than you want this week, we could do lunch.

  10. Oh, I am so sorry :(. I wish there were words, but unfortunately we all know too well that there are not - my prayers are with you and your DH.

  11. UGHHH!! I am so sorry. What dose of HCG were you on?? PPVI told me that they go up to 15,000 units for a trigger shot......

    1. I took 10,000 units, combined with the Cytotec, which I took for 5 days beginning on CD10. The cytotec did nothing in February's cycle... I don't think I want to get that one filled again. I've been reading over the info you emailed a few weeks ago. I may suggest one of the other treatments listed there. Have you taken your HCG yet?

  12. Ugh, what a freaking bummer!!!

    Refining Journey also has frequent LUF cycles, and it *may* be due to adhesions/endo around the ovaries. Something to consider.


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