Tuesday, March 6, 2012

This & That

All I have in my head lately are posts concerning food! I spent most of today cooking (an egg & bacon frittata for breakfasts tomorrow and Thursday) and meatballs that we eat for snacks. (Oh, how I miss the ease of grabbing some string cheese from the fridge!) I'll try to post a few more recipes later this week.

Fun stuff lately... DH and I went skiing this past weekend in PA with his brother and SIL. We had a FANTASTIC time! It was great to get away - I don't even think I thought about my LUF or the craziness of it all once. Yay! Such a needed break. My SIL and I are both beginners - me on skis, her on a snowboard. DH and his brother are a little more accomplished having grown up in Maine. We rented a cute little condo that was a perfect size for the 4 of us, was within walking distance of the slopes, and had a kitchen that was clean and equipped with enough that we could prepare our meals. We're hoping to make it an annual trip.

It was... uh... very cold!!!

In addition to getting together with DH's brother & SIL, my twin sisters are coming down this weekend for a visit. Then, next weekend, DH's Mom & Dad will be in town! I don't know that we'll be traveling until May for my sister's bridal shower, so I'm very glad to have family coming to us!

One of the sisters (V) coming down is the bride-to-be. The other sister (R) told me on the phone last week that V said she hoped she didn't get pregnant before we were chosen to be adoptive parents. R said  the whole family felt that way... it breaks my heart. What should be looked forward to with joy and excitement causes fear, pain and sadness. I'm grateful that she is so sensitive to my feelings, but I wish more than anything it didn't have to be the case. 

On a happier note, I'm working on an exciting present for V's bridal shower! I'll share details once it's finished! :)

Off to finish dinner! We're having Salmon with Citrus Salsa Verde, which I know I posted before... seriously... if you like salmon, make this, make this, make this!!

Happy Tuesday, everyone! :)


  1. Your sister sounds so sweet! How wonderful that you have your family's support! I hope that you have a great visit this weekend!

  2. I'm glad your family is sensitive to your feelings. Its nice that they are considerate of you, but its sad that it has to be something to consider. IF truly stinks. Regardless, I can see how great of a family you have! I hope you have a wonderful time getting together this coming weekend with your sisters, and I'm glad you had a fantastic time skiing! You're braver than I would be getting out in the snow!

  3. Yay for an awesome weekend away! What a wonderful family you have.

    Since you mentioned snacks, and I happen to be eating string cheese (yes, at 11:00 at night), what do you typically eat for snacks?

    1. Cheese is delicious, at any time of day! :) I miss it!!
      Snacks - I try to grab protein, carbs (often fruit) and nuts/coconut milk for my fat. So, the protein is usually a meatball, or some beef or chicken stir-fry. Those are my current favorites! I've also been know to heat up leftovers - a smaller amount than a full meal, but leftovers just the same. That works too! My toaster oven gets a great workout since I'm always heating something up, haha!!

  4. I get so angry when people are insensitive and clueless (despite actually being clued in), but then when they ARE clearly on the same wavelength (and rightly recognize exactly what will make my life difficult), I feel SO BAD. I guess it's a good thing it doesn't happen very often :/.

    I hope you get match and your sister gets pregnant around the same time so you can raise your babies together!

  5. Your trip looked super fun! I miss skiing. Chris can't go b/c he tore his ACL way back when and they said skiing is a no no. I need that recipe for the egg and bacon breakfast dish!


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