Wednesday, December 5, 2012

HWFD? Daube Provençale (French Beef Stew with Red Wine)

Marinate meat in a bottle of red wine overnight? Uh... ok...

Garlic mashed potatoes? Yeah, twist my arm. 

Pinterest is becoming my new favorite place to find recipes!! This one I made this afternoon.... it simmered away while I taught a few evening lessons and was ready to serve once I was done. 


I marinated the meat (just the meat, although the recipe says to include almost everything) overnight in a bottle of wine - I used Cote du Rhone as recommended. I also used an orange, not a grapefruit. I sliced it and cut away the white rind on the inside as much as possible. One of the orange sections may have ended up in my tummy... not the pot....

I did not use the olives... just cause I'm not really a fan of them.



  1. I drool every time I read these posts!

  2. Yum! Showing hubby. He loves new recipes!!

  3. Sounds yummy!!!
    Question - for Paleo, are the potatoes a part of the diet? I am trying to gear my diet more Paleo & wasn't sure that they were, but know you would know. :-)

    1. Yes they are fine as part of a Paleo diet. They're a substantial carb so if weight loss is a goal, I think I remember them being used more sparingly - choose more of the leafy greens and other veggies first, and potatoes occasionally. We eat them quite a bit and love sweet potatoes baked with apple slices - add coconut oil and cinnamon and they're delicious! Great for those with a sweet tooth, like me! :)


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