Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Welcome Home Wednesdays: Coupon Organization

I stole this idea from the Honey We're Home blog. I don't use a ton of coupons... and sometimes, although I have them, I forget to take them with me or I forget to use them at the register. I'm hoping this new method will help! (At least it helped when I was doing some Christmas shopping over the past week!)

My old way of storing coupons. I had them grouped in 2 envelopes that I lined with pretty paper and labeled. I have a large purse, but they're big to carry around. 

Close up of the inside - as you can see - a jumbled mess!

New coupon organizer! A smaller size - love that part already! It's about the same size as my wallet.

I organized each tab by the stores I visit most often - BBB (Bed, Bath & Beyond), BBBaby (Buy, Buy, Baby), Target, BJ's... and so on. Some of the coupons I have a ton of - like Bed Bath & Beyond. Since they take expired coupons, I put a few in this one and put the extras in my old envelopes.

Do you use coupons? Do you remember to use them when you're actually in the store? :)


  1. I never remember mine. Hope this works for you

  2. Cool idea. Where do you get your coupons? I only use them if they come to me in the mail or inside the box of something I already bought. I'd like to use more, but I don't plan on scouring the internet or newspapers for coupons.

    1. I get them in the mail too - I don't usually scour the internet, but I sometimes print coupons off Target's website. They have them divided into categories nicely.

      Since we eat so much fresh food, I rarely have food coupons - it's not often that you can find a coupon for bananas or meat! :) So mostly my coupons are toiletries and the like.

  3. I save them. In a pile. I never have them when I go to the store, and then I go through the pile every couple of months and throw out the old ones. You'll have to let us know how well this works.

    Also, this is a little random, but could you email me at catholicmutt(at)gmail(dot)com?


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