Monday, September 30, 2013

17 months!

I'm a little late posting this, but I can't believe C is 17 months! He is such a delight. Here are his stats:

Height: 33 inches, I think. It's hard to get him to stretch out on the floor on the yard stick!

Weight: Around 27 pounds. Holding steady. I have no idea how given how much he eats, but then I look at him running around from the time he gets up to the time he goes to bed and figure he's burning it off and then some!

Clothes: Mostly 24 month clothes, although he still fits into some 18-mo shirts - depends on the brand. Just bought some new shoes - size 7 and a pair of Crocs, size 6/7.  And I scored big at a local consignment sale- jeans, pants, a winter coat, a winter vest, some shirts and PJs size 24 months and 2T. Since he wears cloth diapers the 2T pants fit better around his rear, but they are too long. I'll probably end up hemming them rather than just folding them up.

Eats: Everything. Literally. For a while he wasn't too crazy about salmon - but maybe it was because we still mixed it with avocado. He started asking for it when we grilled it a few weeks back and hasn't turned back. Yay! He loves butternut squash and points to it when I open the fridge, and raw green peppers. I am seriously amazed - I didn't like green peppers myself until a few years ago. If it doesn't eat him first, he'll eat it.

Health: We were playing with his diet for a bit this summer- he got eczema late last spring which we attributed to strawberries. It didn't seem to go completely away, but now it seems more like dry skin, rather than the eczema. As long as I lotion him after each bath, and sometimes in the morning as well, his skin looks good. Also, he got his first "illness" in August. The only symptom was really messy diapers - which gave him a bit of a yeast infection when he made a mess in the middle of the night and didn't fuss to wake us up. By the time I changed him in the morning, poor thing was not in good shape. An anti-fungal cream worked well. The messy diapers were caused by a very small and rare bug - cryptosporidium. Kind of crazy - the health department even called because it is so rare. We figured it would be almost impossible to track down the source - he had been in local pools, the lake and outside all summer around the time he probably caught it. In any case, we actually started making his formula again for a few days - adding all the oils and probiotic, and giving him bone broth in some of his food and it cleared up. So... boo.. his first illness, I guess, but no drugs/antibiotics other than the OTC cream.

Sleep: Great here! I wish he would take his afternoon nap without me lying down next to him, but he still sleeps in our bed during the day because it's darker there. But he usually naps from 2-2 1/2 hours. Sleep at night is awesome - anywhere from 12-13 hours! He goes down between 7 and 7:30 and isn't up until close to 8. It's a nice change from the 6 am wake-ups during the spring and early summer!

Teeth: The gums over his molars are so swollen, but none have popped through yet. I've been making him popsicle smoothies and he gets one of those each day - hopefully it helps. He is fussy every now and then, but it's not bad.

What I love about this age: He is SO affectionate these days - always coming over to give me kisses... on my knees if I'm sitting down... it's so, so sweet. And sometimes when I tell him no, haha. I tell him "no", he pauses, then comes over and hugs my leg and gives me a kiss. "Why do you tell me no, Mama? I love you, I love you, smooch, smooch." What a charmer. :) Also, I love that he is so full of energy. He wakes up cheerful most days and gives me a huge grin and jumps up and down when I go in to get him out of bed in the morning. He runs and runs and runs around the house. His latest is running around things - usually a chair or his learning tower in the kitchen. He's started climbing, and stepping on and off curbs without holding onto anything. He LOVES playing the piano. He'll sit on the bench and plunk away for up to 20 minutes sometimes. And he loves going into our garage - our "gym" and imitating me or DH.

Words: The usual,  - Dada, Mama, Ball, "E-sus", "icky", my sis R's nickname, and I forget what else. He sometimes sings when he plays the piano - random syllables, but I love it. And he'll sing back to me the five note solfege pattern - so, fa, mi, re, do. (Always descending, no ascending notes yet). Sometimes he absolutely nails the pitches too! Woo-hoo for a little singer! He's learned to sign "more" and "please" consistently, which makes for a less whiny mealtime when he wants more!

Some photos from the last few weeks/weekends:

Running with Daddy at the park
I know I cut off his head on this one, but I love that grin!
Happy little boy :)
A trip to visit family last weekend:
 Holding sweet cousin, M. :)

On the move
More on the move. It's blurry, but I still love this shot.
An attempt at an official "17 months" pose.
And... fail.
Loves Auntie R!
And finally... because ONE has been such fun...
On our way to the post office...
That's right! We're ready for #2!!! :)


  1. Oh I love him!!!! That was the only downside to our visit - not getting to see C again. He is getting SO SO big!!!

    Oh, and if I ever hear anyone say "you just can't find cute clothes for boys" I'm SO sending them to this post...LOVE that little green sweater vest :).

    Already starting to pester, ahem, ask for the intercession of St. Joseph for you guys!

    1. St. Joseph, intercede for both of us!! :)

  2. He is so precious. Really turning into a toddler. Yeah for #2. Wishing you all the best.

  3. Loved this post and your little surprise at the end. It is such a fun age, huh? And it just keeps getting better and better it seems!!

  4. Wonderful news! I hope #2 arrives soon!!! Love the pictures too - he has such a great smile.

  5. Congrats on your decision to adopt again! Saying prayers that your wait will be short and your new bundle of joy will be precious :)

  6. Wow, such a big boy. So cute!
    He will make a great big brother!

  7. LOVE his smile! And I love that you took a picture of C holding the paperwork for his future brother or sister :) God Bless! I look forward to seeing your journey unfold even more!

  8. He is getting so big and he is SO cute! I love that smile! Congrats on starting the process for #2! Praying it goes smoothly!

  9. Oh he is so cute and YAAAYYY for beginning the process for #2! YAYYY!!!!


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