Friday, November 1, 2013

Blessed: 30 Days - Day 1

I'm again going to try to post every day this month and focus on the things I am especially thankful for each day. I am blessed beyond what I deserve, and fostering a spirit of gratitude at this time of year is so helpful, especially since Advent is just around the corner!

Day 1: I'm so thankful for my hubby today! I always am, but this week has been hectic - C and I returned from a trip to visit my family while hubby was out of town last week, and this past weekend I was at a workshop all day Saturday and Sunday and hubby's parents were visiting to watch C. All that to say, I didn't sleep well during any of that, and C and I came down with nasty colds. And then I got a migraine I couldn't shake for 3 days. DH spent his days at work, then came home to take care of us - sometimes making dinner and often cleaning up the kitchen after I went to bed. He took such wonderful care of us! I'm a lucky girl indeed!

1 comment:

  1. I am also blessed beyond measure by an Awesome Husband! Andrew took care of the kids for 5 hours while I had me time yesterday (shopping/running errands by myself)...and he cooked and cleaned and prepared for our all saints day party the whole weekend.


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