Friday, November 8, 2013

Days 6, 7 & 8: Blessed

How is it Friday already? Oh yes, that's life with a toddler. :)

To catch up…

Day 6 - So thankful for a kitchen sink where water flows freely!!! I was finally able to run the full dishwasher, and the same night ran round 2 - that's how many dishes were sitting around ready to be washed. I tried to keep up, but as soon as it started to pile up… well, you know. :-/ I love seeing clean counters again!

Day 7 - Nov. 7th was the 12th anniversary of the surgery to remove my colon. I cannot believe it's been 12 years. I'm so, so, so much healthier these days, thank God. During those years of living with Crohn's disease, I never, ever thought I'd be able to say that. So today - I'm so thankful for my health!!!

Day 8 - Thankful for a solid 40-45 minutes in Adoration this morning. A friend of mine who coordinates the morning hours of Adoration at our parish suggested a Moms hour - there are 3 of us so far that are rotating for one hour each Friday morning. C fell asleep on the way there and it was amazing to sit there with him on my lap, sleeping away. DH & I used to have a weekly slot before C, and there were so many prayers (and tears) in that little chapel that some day I would be a mother. In addition to being thankful, I prayed for all of you still waiting. You are always so close to my heart.

Happy Friday, friends!


  1. The fact you got to take C to the chapel where you prayed to be a mother gave me chills...definitely a blessing!!

  2. Thank you for the prayers!

    One of my really good friends had her colon removed due to Crohn's several years ago. It struck a familiar chord when I read this post. So happy to hear that you're thankful for your health. :)


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