Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Happy New Year! (Better late than never)

Happy New Year! I'm a little late to the party here, considering that we're already halfway into the month, but here goes...

We had a GREAT week and a half out of town visiting with both sets of families. It was exhausting, though. 3 days in one city, 3 days in the next and back to the first for another 4 days. I was so anxious to get back and sleep in my own bed!!!! I so look forward to the Thanksgiving and Christmas when I can wake up in my own bed! Travel was rough on Baby C too. His naps and nighttime sleeping have been completely out of whack since Thanksgiving. He was such a great sleeper before those trips! I'm determined to not go anywhere for quite some time. 

We drove back home on the 1st- yay for no traffic coming back! It took us 7 hours in the car instead of 4 when we left. C was so good in the car... but I, however, get super antsy. I don't really like road trips over 2 hours! Ha! :) 

Our first weekend back we hosted our annual Christmas party. Usually we have it before Christmas, but C's arrival made my husband have to move his retreat to December. We had our adoption agency holiday party one weekend and then hubby was out of town the other weekend we could have held it. Thank goodness for the 12 days of Christmas because we had ours on the 11th day! :) No pipers piping, but C's godmother and I helped lead everyone in some carols - her singing, me playing. It was lots of fun... but lots of work after just getting back into town. We ask people to dress up, which is fun. :) On the menu - bacon-wrapped dates, sausage-stuffed baby portabellas (I have to post that recipe sometime - I normally made them as an entree with regular portabellas), assorted sausages and cheeses, a cheese ball (my Granny's recipe - yum!), gluten-free crackers, and LOTS of Christmas cookies. :) We are still eating cookies... part of me cannot wait until the little devils goodies are out of my freezer. I don't need the temptation... thank goodness Lent is right around the corner, haha! I need a sugar detox!

Caleb's first cousin has arrived!!! We are so excited! Thank you to those of you who prayed for his safe delivery. Baby X and Mama went home from the hospital about a week ago and all is well. It will be such fun to watch X and C grow up together!

New Years Resolutions.... well, this book is helping me get off to a good start:

This one was a recommendation from Sarah over at Clover Lane. Even with an 8-month old, I've found myself rushing around - doing errands, feeling like I need to join Mom's groups, schedule play dates, and so on. While I enjoy getting together with other moms, I really feel that for me, to schedule too many activities, leaves me feeling distracted and rushed.

I'm not even halfway through the book and I. love. it. She touches on a number of areas - but mostly that it's good to have quiet. Sometimes I feel like I need to have music on all the time (fortunately, almost never the TV - it's in the basement and I don't take C down there except when I'm doing laundry), but I know I spend too much time online. That's one of my resolutions this year.

The first thing I did was delete my FB app from my phone! Yay! :) I realized I picked up my phone to check it waaaaay too many times during the day - that first day without it confirmed it. Ugh. I don't think I'll delete my account completely (though I have considered it) because it does keep me in touch with relatives in CA, and of course - many of you! :)

Alright... I better get crackin' while C is nappin'! I am finally getting the rest of our Christmas decorations put away. Our basement area is a mess of containers! :-D


  1. You have been quite busy since Thanksgiving. I know you are ready to slow down. Even though ours are older, I'd love to pick up that book. Thanks for sharing. Love Sarah! So glad the baby arrived safely and all are doing well.

  2. R's naps got all out of whack with the move and craziness of travel, time changes, etc. I know the feeling. Thankfully, it seems like she is starting to get back on track after a week or more of being off. I hope the same is true for C! Thanks for the book recommendation. I could use it!

  3. We just instituted a "no screen time before dinner" in our house. It has led to some fun evenings making dinner together and a return to real conversation rather than just logistics. It was a challenge the first day to not flip on the TV when I get home to have in the background while I cooked dinner, but after that it's become pretty easy. (I will say after a long day yesterday with 6 hours in the car and 6 hours in a meeting, I had dinner on the way home and totally asked The Man if that counted. When he said it did and I literally squealed "TeeeeVeeee" and headed straight to the couch in my sweats w/ my favorite blanket. It was quite funny, especially when he followed me into the living room just to look at me like I was crazy :). So, I suppose we have a "6 hours in the car, ate dinner on the way home, exception.)


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